Oregon County Passes Ordinance Defying Gun Control Laws

Coos County in Oregon decided that they don’t want the state government telling them that they have to get background-checked for every gun purchase or transfer, whether private or not. The county voted to pass the ordinance just weeks after a mass shooting at Umpqua Community College not far from Coos County. Here’s an excerpt of the ordinance, as reported by Think Progress: Liberals are of course saying this ordinance is against the law. An expert in Constitutional law Charlie Hinkle Read more […]

Oregon Rolls Out First Pay-Per-Mile Tax

Oregon Democrat Representative Earl Blumenauer is one of 5,000 volunteers to try out the state’s new pay-per-mile tax program. Oregon is also the first state in the nation to roll out such a program. Even though the media and politicians have been pushing electric cars for years as a cheaper and more efficient alternative, and a way for Americans to be weaned off “dirty” fossil fuels, what they didn’t tell anyone was that as these “greener” vehicles became more prevalent, tax revenues Read more […]

Oregon Orders Christian Bakery Business to “Cease and Desist” Talking About Their Beliefs

They say that the idea of legalized same-sex marriage doesn’t harm anyone. Tell that to the Kleins, who because of a lawsuit and subsequent loss of business, had to shut their business down. Now, the owner’s had to take up a job being a garbage man. To homosexuals, this man, his wife and kids all got what they deserved. This is the same business that was fined $135,000 for “mentally raping” a lesbian couple who wanted cakes made for their wedding. Sweet Cakes very politely declined the Read more […]

Oregon Rolls Out Test Pay-Per-Mile Tax Program

Environmental lobbyists want everyone to buy electric and hybrid cars, supposedly because they’re greener and cleaner. But what happens when more and more people buy those types of vehicles? Tax revenues, especially from gas taxes, start to dwindle. Politicians on the left and right love taxes. If they see that taxes are starting to dry up in a certain area, they’re very quick to solve that problem. And they solve it by coming up with a new tax. The falling gas tax revenues have prompted several Read more […]

Gabby Giffords Praises Background Checks that Didn’t Work

Gabby Giffords praises Oregon House for supporting background checks that didn’t stop Jared Loughner and numerous other murderers. Even from a purely pragmatic perspective, background check laws don’t work to stem so-called “gun violence.” If there’s some guy with a criminal record who wants to get a gun, the fact that he can’t get one from a gun store because he can’t pass a background check isn’t going to stop him from obtaining a gun if he wants to commit a crime with it. He Read more […]

Oregon Democrat Wants Research on “Health Effect of Guns”

Oregon Democrat Representative Earl Blumenauer thinks guns are a health risk like tobacco. In the same way that doctors would encourage their patients to stop smoking, doctors should be able to question their patients about guns and make “appropriate” recommendations. CNS News reported: Blumenauer’s “Enough is Enough” plan looks back to how the U.S. government addressed tobacco use and automobile safety in years past and calls for a similar approach to guns. “The Surgeon General’s report Read more […]

Brittany Maynard vs Lauren Hill: One is Campaigning for Death the other for Life

Oregon calls their assisted suicide law the Death with Dignity Act, but is it really dignity or the coward’s way out? Before you get your panties in a bunch, I understand why people don’t want to suffer through horrible diseases but that is not an excuse to kill yourself. Allow me to compare two different cases that have been in the news lately. First there is Brittany Maynard, the 29 year old woman who had stage four brain cancer. When she first found out that she had terminal brain cancer, Read more […]

Oregon’s New State Motto ‘Legal to Get High & Die’?

In 1994, voters in Oregon passed the Death with Dignity Act, making the Pacific northwestern state the first in the US to allow doctor assisted suicide. An injunction held up the implementation of the act until 1997 when it went into effect. This has made a lot of headlines this past week with the assisted suicide death of 29 year old Brittany Maynard. She was suffering from stage four brain cancer known as a glioblastoma. Maynard and her husband moved to Oregon so she could choose the time of Read more […]

University Officials Try to Bar Students from Handing Out U.S. Constitutions on Campus

Officials with an Oregon University repeatedly attempted to prohibit students from handing out copies of the U.S. Constitution, saying that doing so was a violation of their campus policy. Officials directed these students to a tiny “free speech zone,” where such activities were allowed. Many of these students’ encounters with officials were recorded on camera, much to the dismay of the officials, who on multiple occasions told the students to stop recording them. Not only did these students Read more […]

Oregon’s First Lady Admits to Immigration Fraud Marriage

When I mention the state of Oregon, what comes to your mind? Do think about scenery that ranges from the coastal areas to the evergreen covered mountains to the plains in the south eastern part of the state? Do you think of Portland, the City of Roses? When I think of Oregon, I think of it as being one of the more liberal states in the nation. They were the first state to legalize assisted suicide. Earlier this year, they legalized same-sex marriage after a federal judge ruled the state’s constitutional Read more […]

Dem Congressman on Oregon Shooting: “I Always Hope Tragedy Will Inspire Action”

We all know what he’s talking about. He wants to pass more gun control laws that criminals will ignore. He’s channeling Rahm Emanuel who advised never to let a crisis go to waste. In truth, that’s any politician’s mantra. Democratic Congressman Earl Blumenauer from Oregon reacted to the murder at Reynolds High School in Troutsdale that claimed the life of a student and concluded with the shooter’s suicide. Blumenauer tweeted: “Another shooting. I always hope tragedy will inspire action. Read more […]

Waste-to-Energy: Oregon Uses Aborted Babies to Generate Electricity

Last month, I wrote about how the UK was using medical waste, including aborted babies, as an energy source to heat their hospitals. About 15,500 aborted babies were used over the last 2 years to help generate electricity. I wondered how long before the U.S. did the same thing, or if we already have. Apparently, we’ve already latched on to that practice. From Life Site News: The British Columbia Health Ministry has admitted that the remains of babies destroyed by abortion in B.C. facilities are Read more […]