Texans Celebrate New Open Carry Law at State Capitol Building

It was always surprising to me that it was against Texas law to open carry handguns. You could open carry rifles, but not handguns. Those had to be carried concealed. New legislation has made the open carrying of handguns legal. Actually, bad legislation was overturned. Hundreds of Texans celebrated by open carrying their handguns on the steps of the State Capitol. Surprisingly, no one was hurt or killed during their heavily-armed celebration. [I jest.] I’ve written about open carry demonstrations Read more […]

Judge Sides With Man Who Open-Carries Gun to Pick up Daughter From School

This comes as quite a surprise considering the stigma that politicians and media have placed on guns in recent years, especially in the context of guns in “gun-free” schools. A Michigan dad who’s got a concealed carry permit and who prefers to open carry his pistol on his hip had been barred entry into his daughter’s school several times because of the gun on him when he came to pick her up. State law allows those with concealed carry permits to carry even in school “safety zones.” When Read more […]

Democrat Hank Johnson Wants to Make Atlanta Airport Gun-Free Zone

I alluded to a situation recently where a man came in to the Hartsfield Atlanta airport – er…excuse me, the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport – with an AR-15 slung around his shoulder and a 100-round drum. I made the comment that while what the guy did was perfectly legal – and I’m glad that it’s legal – it wasn’t the wisest thing to do. Now what are legislators going to do to make it against the law to do what this guy did? Someone responded in the comments section Read more […]

Texas Poised to Legalize Open Carry for Handguns

In Texas, open carrying rifles is legal, but open carry for handguns is not. It’s one of those leftover laws from 125 years ago that never got repealed. In the wake of the War Between the States, Texas wanted to bar Confederate sympathizers from carrying pistols. The Houston Chronicle reported: … That all changed in 1871, however, when the Legislature first outlawed the carrying of pistols outside of the home: “If any person in this state shall carry on or about his person, saddle, or in his Read more […]

Should There Be Limits to Free Speech?

Megyn Kelly of Fox News and radio host Richard Fowler had a heated debate about free speech sparked by a controversial “Draw the Prophet Mohammad” contest put on by Pam Gellar. Whew. The whole point of Gellar’s contest was to thumb her nose at jihadists. Fowler said Gellar went too far. Kelly said Fowler was “fundamentally confused” about free speech. But aren’t there limits to free speech? As Fowler mentioned, you can’t go into a theater and scream “Fire!” without legal repercussions. Read more […]

Kroger Refuses to Succumb to Moms Demand Action

Moms Demand Action is that gun control group that got a few restaurants to bar their customer from exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. That’s what this group does. They go around from business to business and bully them into discriminating against gun-carriers. But, thankfully, not every business feels compelled to obey Moms Demand Action. Kroger is one that’s told the group to get lost. Breitbart reported: During a March 25 appearance on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Kroger CFO Michael Schlotman Read more […]

Texas Poised to Pass Open Carry Law

For the past 125 years, Texas has prohibited the open carry of handguns. You can open carry rifles and other long guns, but handguns are right out. I think Texas is a little out of step with the times. Finally, after over a century, they might be about to legalize the open carry of handguns with SB17. Breitbart reported: The Texas Senate passed the “open carry” bill, SB 17, on second reading Monday evening after about three and a half hours of debate. The vote was on partisan lines, with Read more […]

Texas Activists Push for Open Carry Legislation for Handguns

One of the motives behind Texas open carriers walking around with rifles in restaurants and out in public was to raise awareness of the fact that it’s illegal to open carry handguns in the state. You can open carry long guns, but not handguns. These gun activists want to be able to open carry handguns, and they’ve been fighting for the passage of a law that would allow it. The LA Times reported: Texas may be one of the most pro-gun states in America, with more than 825,000 licensed to carry Read more […]

Federal Agents Arrest Man for Exercising 2nd Amendment

Yes, the 2nd Amendment even applies to Federal grounds. Anthony Bosworth was apparently on federal property outside a government building. He had attended a states rights’ rally in Spokane, Washington, and he was carrying his rifle slung around his shoulder. He was approached by half a dozen federal agents, some from Homeland Security, who informed him that he was in violation of federal law, since he was on federal grounds with a firearm. According to one of the officers, the exact law that Read more […]

Moms Demand Action: Open Carry is About “Intimidation,” not 2nd Amendment

Is open carry really about intimidation instead of exercising the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms? In Texas, they’re apparently pretty close to “legalizing” the open carry of handguns. Governor-elect Abbot has vowed to sign a handgun open carry bill as soon as it reaches his desk. They allow the open carry of rifles and other long guns, but handguns must be carried concealed. So, in the state of Texas, if you carry a handgun on your hip out in public, you’re a criminal; if you carry Read more […]

Texas Man Arrested for Carrying a Gun in Public

Carrying a gun is a legal action that can get you arrested anyway. In Texas, open carrying a rifle is perfectly legal. By “perfectly legal,” I mean it’s not against the law at all. It’s not a crime. It’s not even something that can be used as “reasonable suspicion” or probable cause that a crime has been or is being committed. In fact, it’s something that’s an unalienable right, something that is acknowledged by the 2nd Amendment. Yet, police in most jurisdictions that allow Read more […]

Sheila Jackson Lee: Ban Open Carry Demonstrations

You see businesses all the time with a sign that reads, “No shoes, no shirt, no service.” Isn’t that discriminatory against homosexuals? You know, the types that march around in gay pride parades with painted on clothes? What if one of them wanted to buy something at a store, and he or she was disallowed entry, because (s)he had no shirt on? Are those signs homophobic? When are those businesses going to come out of the dark ages and join us in the 21st century? Businesses are allowed to Read more […]