Mass Murderer Uses Car to Kill 4 People; Time to Ban Cars?

The FBI defines a mass murder as one where three or more people were killed in one event. A 25-year-old woman identified as Adacia Chambers plowed into a crowd at an Oklahoma State University homecoming parade. She killed four people, including a two-year-old boy. Now the woman is facing 2nd degree murder charges. CNS News reported: “I absolutely can rule out alcohol,” Coleman [Chambers’ attorney] told a press conference in Oklahoma City, adding that he had spoken to her aunt, grandmother and Read more […]

Outraged Atheists Demand Removal of Praying Kids Painting from School Office

Outraged Atheists are all too common. They always getting their panties in a bunch over the stupidest things, like a painting in an Oklahoma middle school depicting two little kids with their hands together in prayer with an American flag backdrop. The painting has apparently been hanging on the school office wall for 18 years, and no one until now has complained about it. And yes, it’s the Freedom from Religion Foundation. Here’s The Blaze: The poster, based on a painting titled “Faith Read more […]

Workplace Violence – Angry Muslim Beheads Co-Worker

It looks like a “peaceful” Muslim who had just been fired from a food processing plant in Oklahoma decided to try to convert some former co-workers, resulting in workplace violence. I guess they weren’t interested, so he killed one, beheaded her, and injured the other. He probably would have continued his knife rampage, but the boss intervened and shot him. He survived the gunshots, but as soon as he recovers in the hospital, he’ll be arrested on murder charges. The Blaze reported: OKLAHOMA Read more […]

Satanists Want Their Statue Next To 10 Commandments Monument

In 2009, the Republican controlled state legislature of Oklahoma gave their approval to the placement of a privately funded monument of the Ten Commandments.  State Rep. Mike Ritze (R) was the one that lead the effort to get the monument approved and he also helped personally with the $10,000 cost.  The monument was then placed on the grounds of the state Capitol. Atheists and other opponents such as the ACLU have since filed a lawsuit challenging the legality of placing the Ten Commandment Read more […]