Will We Ever Know The Truth About The Oil Supply?

Yesterday, Business Insider ran this headline: “America Is Running Out Of Places To Store All The Oil It Is Pumping.” According to the article, “despite a robust export market for finished products, crude oil is backing up all the way to Cushing, Oklahoma, and is only going to get worse in 2013.” Apparently, the supply of oil is not the problem, but rather a lack of capacity in the rest of the system to get the oil to market as usable products. That is a weird way for an oil shortage to work. Read more […]

The Future of the Futures Market

One factor in determining why we have high oil and gas prices is how drunk oil investors are. No joke. It was recently found out that a drunk broker who worked for the UK-based PVM Oil Futures was responsible for single handedly raising the price of oil to an 8 month high in 2009. During an “alcohol induced blackout,” senior broker Stephen Perkins traded about 7,000,000 barrels of oil worth about $520 million at the time. This caused the price of a barrel of oil to increase by $1.50. The Daily Read more […]

Why Are My Gas and Electric Bills So High?

I know this will really date me, but when I started driving, I paid 28¢ per gallon of gas.  When the local gas stations would have a gas war, I got gas for as little 25¢ per gallon.  It wasn’t long before gas jumped to 32¢ per gallon and then to 35¢ and I remember thinking this was terrible.  When gas hit $1 a gallon, I wondered how long we could afford to continue to make ends meet. When Barack Obama took office, the national average for gas was $1.90 per gallon.  The average now has Read more […]

Obama Pimps the U.S. Economy for Arab Terrorists

America fails to heed the lessons learned from doing business with our enemies. Like a common pimp controlling a prostitute Saudi Arabia’s Oil has our nation in a twist and our government refuses to break free of Arab influence. The Sheiks are now turning away from America and are creating new alliances less concerned with acts of terror directed at U.S. interests. Decades of dubious U.S./Saudi relations began to unravel on September 11, 2001 spurring U.S. investigations into Arab financial Read more […]