This Ohio Man Might not be Alive Today if it Weren’t for his New Gun

Twenty-one-year-old Terrance Reid works the night shift as a welder. He came home after work around 4 in the morning and noticed some suspicious activity taking place around his house. He had seen a car drive down his street and slow down near his home. He had his gun, so he cautiously put it in his pocket as he got out of his car, just in case. Then, a man confronted him at gunpoint and ordered him not to move. That’s when Reid disobeyed the criminal’s orders, drew his own weapon and shot the Read more […]

Multiple Churches Bless Abortion Clinics

Pro-Faith, Pro-Family, Pro-Choice. That’s the slogan being used by a coalition of Methodist and Episcopal Reverends that have joined forces to tell the world that being a Christian doesn’t mean you can’t support abortion. Breitbart reports that Rev. Tracey Lind, dean of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, said of an abortion clinic in Ohio: “Bless this building. May its walls stand strong against the onslaught of shame thrown at it. May it be a beacon of hope for those who need its services.” Rev. Harry Read more […]

Not a Hate Crime: White Guy Gets Beaten Unconscious by Mob of Blacks

This is yet another case of political hypocrisy. We all know how police officials and the media react when a black person gets beaten or killed by a mob of white people. Regardless of whether or not there was evidence of racism in the assault, everyone assumes that it must have been racially motivated. When the roles are reversed, and the victim is white, and the attackers are black, it doesn’t matter what evidence is there to show that the attack was racially motivated, it’s automatically Read more […]

Ohio Reps Introduce Bills to Ban Gun-Free Zones and Loosen Other Gun Restrictions

These days, we have so many laws on the books, it’s not humanly possible to know them all. For that reason, we don’t need more laws to fix things. The only kinds of legislation that we need are those repealing bad laws. Now, I don’t know if that’s what these Ohio state reps are necessarily doing with their legislation, but at least the effect will be taking away restrictions on the 2nd Amendment. The Columbus-Dispatch reported: If approved, four new proposals by Republican lawmakers Read more […]

Planned Parenthood Suing for Right to Endanger Women’s Lives

In March of 2012, a woman nearly died at an abortion clinic in Sharonville, Ohio, a part of the greater Cincinnati area. She was getting an abortion at the Women’s Medical Center from Dr. Martin Haskell. The patient went into status epilepticus as she came out of her anesthesia. This is a life threatening condition where the person is in a constant seizure for over 5 minutes with no signs of letting up. The only way to stop this condition is with medical intervention which the abortion clinic did Read more […]

Wanted Criminal Arrested After Wanting Police to Take New Mugshot

Remember the line from the movie Forest Gump – ‘stupid is as stupid as stupid does’? That would describe Monica Hargrove of Columbus, Ohio. Hargrove had been indicted for aggravated robbery and kidnapping. The Columbus police posted her mugshot on their ‘Warrant Wednesday’ Facebook page. The post along with her mugshot read: “On August 30th Hargrove offered a female acquaintance a ride to a pharmacy on E. Main St. to pick up a prescription. After the acquaintance got the prescription Read more […]

Ohio National Guard Brainwashing Troops To Believe Gun Owners Are Terrorists

I’ve heard people say that our military would never turn on the American people, even if under direct orders from the President; that they would be loyal to the true protection of the American people and to our national security. I always thought that was a little naïve. There’s nothing magical about being in the military that makes you impervious to propaganda and conditioning. The more we see military patrolling our streets with police, the more they’ll get used to seeing all American Read more […]

Local Abortion Clinic Closing Turning into Issue in Ohio Governor’s Race

I live in northern Kentucky just south of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Consequently, most of the local news we get is more Ohio centered than Kentucky centered.  We also hear more about Ohio politics than Kentucky politics, which isn’t that big of a deal since Kentucky’s Democratic Governor Steve Beshear is such a close Obama follower that sometimes I think he’s attached to Obama’s hiney if you know what I mean. The Ohio news is already talking about one issue that seems to be a topic of this Read more […]

Oh Boo Hoo! It Took a Murdering Rapist 26 Minutes to Die

Anti-death penalty people are all up in arms over the execution of Dennis McGuire last week in Ohio.  A new cocktail of drugs took 26 minutes before they snuffed the life from McGuire.  The old cocktail of drugs they usually used only took 15 minutes.  Liberal bleeding hearts are crying that McGuire’s death was cruel and tortuous and that it took far too long.  They are using his example of why the death penalty should be repealed.  After all, they say, we’re far too sophisticated to stoop Read more […]

ACLU Screaming About Creation-Based Archery Classes After Reading Inaccurate News Report

For some time now, a number of public schools in Ohio and other places have been using His Pins program to teach archery to thousands of students.  The archery program has a religious class that is taught at churches and a secular class that is used by public schools. One of the school districts that use His Pins archery program is Lebanon City School District in Lebanon, Ohio, about 30 miles north of Cincinnati.  Recently, a newspaper reporter wrote an article about His Pins archery programs Read more […]

Ohio Food Stamp “Workfare”—What Is The Problem?

Beginning in 2014, Ohio residents without children will have to do work if they want to get food stamps. The Columbus Dispatch reports: “To qualify for benefits, able-bodied adults without children will be required to spend at least 20 hours a week working, training for a job, volunteering or performing a similar type of activity unless they live in one of 16 counties exempt because of high unemployment. The requirements begin next month; however, those failing to meet them would not lose benefits Read more […]

Joe Biden: Stupid Is As Stupid Does

In the past three and half years, Vice President Joe Biden has said some pretty stupid things, but perhaps none more stupid than what he said over the weekend. While speaking to a crowd in Athens, Ohio, Biden responded to accusations that he and President Barack Obama had spoken untruths at the Democratic National Convention last week.  In his typical pompous style, Biden told the crowd: “I say to the press, fact check me.” When I read his statement, it immediately reminded me of the famous Read more […]