5 Time Boxing Champ Warned His Biblical Views are Offensive

Evander Holyfield is the only five time world boxing champion there is.  Before him, Mohammed Ali aka Cassius Clay held the record with three world boxing titles.  Over his twenty-six year boxing career, Holyfield made over $230 million. What many people may or may not know is that Holyfield is an active Christian and gave millions of dollars to his church and various charities.  At times he has been outspoken about his faith and that just got him in hot water with the producers of Big Brother.  Read more […]

Chief of Police Says Guns Are NOT a Defensive Weapon

Why do law enforcement officers have guns?  Do they use their guns as offensive or defensive weapons? According to Ken James, Chief of Police in Emeryville, California: “One issue that always boggles my mind is that a gun is a defensive weapon. That is a myth. A gun is not a defensive weapon, a gun is an offensive weapon used to intimidate and used to show power.” Listen to Chief James in the first 36 seconds of this video: I have family and friends that have been in law enforcement Read more […]

LSU Anti-Christian PhotoShopped Image

This time of year, college football is second to none for millions of students and fans across the nation.  However, for one group of students, college football is second to the love of Jesus Christ. The Painted Posse is a group of Christian students who attend Louisiana State University (LSU).  Before every LSU football game, they take off their shirts and paint their chests and faces in LSU’s purple and gold colors.  They also show their love of Christ by painting a purple cross on the Read more […]