Bishop Wants Church to Remove Crosses to be More Inclusive

Eva Brunne, the Church of Sweden’s first lesbian bishop, suggested that a church remove all crosses and put up signs pointing toward Mecca in the off chance Muslims come to the church to pray. Breitbart reports: “The bishop insisted this wasn’t an issue…airports and hospitals already had multi-faith prayer rooms, and converting the dockyard church would only bring it up to speed…the Bishop later took to her official blog to explain that removing Christian symbols from the church and preparing Read more […]

Let’s Stop Pretending To Be Offended By Everything

“Political correctness has become a straightjacket.” – Gary Oldman This is going to be a short one. As a society, we’re Benjamin Buttoning; we’re regressing daily into weaker, more feeble, sensitive creatures. The delicate flowers on the interwebs had a meltdown this week after two actors made a joke, using the words “slut,” and “whore.” During an interview with Digital Spy, Avengers: Age of Ultron Stars Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner hurt some feels (goodness, I’m already crying): After Read more […]

The Word Police Have Us Fooled about What’s Offensive

When a celebrity is overheard exercising free speech, unsuppressed by political correctness, it can sometimes cause what we might call a kerfuffle. L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling said he didn’t like his maybe-girlfriend flaunting that she hangs out with athletic black males, and speech-code enforcers rappelled down to baton his butt and make his life as difficult as possible. Often the people causing all the fuss over taboo words, such as the word that is childishly referred to as “the Read more […]