BREAKING: Obesity Now Being Recognized as a Disability

Bruno Waterfield of The Telegraph reports on obesity: “Fatness ‘can constitute a disability’ for the purposes of European Union equality at work legislation, Europe’s highest court has ruled. The judgment means British companies will be required to treat obese workers as ‘disabled,’ providing them with larger seats, special parking spaces and other facilities. ‘Obesity can constitute a ‘disability’ within the meaning of the Employment Equality Directive,’ the European Court of Justice ruled.” As Read more […]

Important Federal Government Study: Why Are Lesbians Fat?

When you’ve got a national debt that’s $17 trillion and counting, $3 million is nothing. But having an exorbitant national debt that will never be repaid is no excuse to waste even a single taxpayer dime on frivolous curiosity studies. The feds want to know:  Why are most lesbians fat? And why is it that homosexual males are more likely to be fit than their heterosexual counterparts? I don’t know about you, but I don’t think there are more important questions that need to be answered Read more […]

Is Being Obese the New Terrorism?

When I think of National Security, I think of an invasion or when jet liners crash into buildings killing thousands of people. These types of acts are beyond an individual’s control. One of the reasons we have a military is to protect us from this type of national security threat. So I was shocked when I saw the First Lady being interviewed by Dr. Oz (Mehmet Öz) about obesity. Here’s how it went: Dr. Oz: “From my perspective, the number one greatest national security threat that we have Read more […]