Another Cuban Missile Crisis?

A North Korean cargo ship passing through the Panama Canal was detained when it was suspected of drug trafficking, according to an article in France 24. Turns out there were no drugs on the ship. But there were various missile parts. Officials in Panama were tipped off that something might be amiss when, as soon as the ship was stopped, the captain of the ship attempted suicide and the crew rioted. Officials searched the ship, and after unloading the shipment of sugar, they found what they believe Read more […]

Why We Need Nukes; And Why Obama Is Wrong

It’s been said that one should never bring a knife to a gun fight. What that means is that if there is a fight about to go down, you want to be the one with the strongest, most sophisticated weapon. If your enemy has a better weapon than you, your elimination is certain. You want to go in with the best odds. This makes sense, even in an everyday context; you want to be the best; better than your competitors. Even more, this mentality means everything when it comes to national defense. Ever since Read more […]

Why Does Iran Need a Missile to Use a Nuke?

The Obama Administration has gone to great lengths to assuage American fears of nuclear Iran and the growing al-Qaeda threat. According to Administration officials Iran doesn’t have a long range delivery system yet; so there is no need to worry and red lines are not a panacea. After all, how much damage can a little country like Iran do without a missile? Our President has got to be an idiot to believe that Iran’s plans are limited to a nuclear warhead when cheaper more destructive methods Read more […]

Santorum Says Obama’s Foreign Policy Is Allowing Radical Islam To Spread and Take Control

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that President Barack Obama’s foreign policies have been impotent and illegitimate at best.  He’s thrown our closest allies under the bus while kissing the hind ends of what most of us believe to be our worst enemies.  He has virtually gotten in bed with the Mohamed Morsi and Egypt’s ruling radical Muslim Brotherhood. When it comes to overt enemies like Iran and their President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, all Obama has done is offer to talk and talk Read more […]