How Iran Will Circumvent the Nuclear Deal to Get a Bomb

If the details of the Iranian nuclear agreement and the rhetoric surrounding it seems overwhelming, you’re not alone. In a sky with a million points of light, it’s difficult to know where to look. The most basic question is the best place to start. Will this deal allow Iran to construct a nuclear weapon? Yes. But how? What components of the deal are most likely to allow Iran the means to build a nuclear weapon? For me, the two components of the nuclear agreement most likely to allow Iran the capacity Read more […]

How the Iranian Nuclear Deal Will Go Down Over the Next Two Weeks

Watching the Iran nuclear deal get negotiated is like watching someone try to haggle at Target. It doesn’t work. The latest ridiculousness comes courtesy of Secretary of State John Kerry. Breitbart reports: “Until now, a sticking point in the deal was Iran’s refusal to come clean about its history of nuclear cheating, to establish an honest baseline from which future compliance can be measured.” Apparently, that’s no longer a big deal, as John Kerry recently announced: “We’re not fixated Read more […]