Why Norwegian-Style Socialism Will Never Work in the US

If you have ever been in a debate about socialism, you are bound to hear an argument somewhere along these lines: “Socialism works in Norway. So socialism can work here.” I’m sick of hearing it for a number of reasons. Most of the American leftists who make the “look-at-Norway-see-socialism-works” argument have major problems with the statement: “The Constitution worked well as a political instrument when we followed it, so we should probably just stick to its original intent in our Read more […]

Norwegian Authors: We Deserve To Be Attacked By Immigrants

There is a new book out that was written by Arild Opheim and Elin Ruhlin Gjuvsland, a couple who both work for Norway’s left-wing, taxpayer-funded (naturally) NRK, the government’s TV and radio broadcasting system. The book is about an ordeal the couple went through two years ago. One night their home was broken into by two Muslims, who tied up the couple and hit the wife over the head with a blunt object. The Muslims explained to the two Norwegians that they were doing this because their request Read more […]