North Carolina Bans Guns at State Fair; Two People Get Robbed at Gunpoint

Without guns at state fair, people get robbed. A judge had ruled against allowing firearms at the North Carolina state fair, and what do you know, a couple people ended up getting robbed at gunpoint. Apparently, North Carolina had just passed a law that expanded concealed carry rights, and some argued that the judge violated that law by prohibiting concealed carriers from being able to defend themselves. Whether their local law was violated or not, what we know for a fact is that the 2nd Amendment Read more […]

Grandpa Protects his Wife and Granddaughter from 3 Armed Thugs

Thanks to the Second Amendment and a wise decision to own and train with firearms, a grandpa protect his family. A North Carolina grandfather defended his wife and protected his granddaughter from getting raped by three armed burglars who forced their way into their home. He was able to shoot all three of them, killing one of them and sending the other two to the hospital for their injuries. The two surviving suspects were nabbed easily by the police, and the third one was, well, dead. The Blaze Read more […]

Chalk up Another Thwarted Armed Robbery to the Second Amendment

More Americans are buying guns than ever before. There are more guns in private ownership than there are people in the United States. More homeowners are using those guns to protect themselves from intruders. One of those homeowners is a man who police have not given his identity, in Timberlake, North Carolina. Around 5am, the man was woken by an intruder wearing a mask and carrying a shotgun. The intruder demanded that the homeowner give him all of his money. Instead of grabbing his wallet, Read more […]

Another Sheriff Advises Residents to Arm Themselves

In light of a recent spike in violent crime in rural Harnett County, North Carolina, the county sheriff advised residents to arm themselves and to “take care of business” before the police arrive. WRAL reported:  The [violent crime] incidents shocked residents in the small, rural county just south of Raleigh, prompting a community meeting and prayer service at Spring Hill United Methodist Church in Lillington on Monday. “We are participating in this service for peace because we love our community Read more […]

Police Falsely Claim They Got 911 Call to Justify Entering Someone’s Home

I wonder how often this happens across the country. Police SWAT raids are happening more and more, where police break in people’s houses to serve a search warrant that’s often based on an anonymous tip. Sometimes the police find incriminating evidence; but most of the time, the evidence is little or nothing. In this case, police in Durham, North Carolina are being accused of falsely claiming that they received a 911 phone call from a particular house so that they could enter the house. According Read more […]

Racist Voter ID Laws Lead to Increase in Black Voter Turnout

Liberals claim that voter ID laws are racist, because those who are more likely not to have government-issued IDs are Blacks and Latinos. So, they reason that conservatives must have a hidden racist agenda to keep minorities from voting. Of course, the flip side is that liberals know that they’ve successfully bought the minority vote by promising them a bunch of free stuff. They have a tremendous vested interest in making sure these large and growing voting blocs – many of whom don’t have Read more […]

Shock: Restaurant With “Gun-Free Zone” Sign Gets Robbed at Gunpoint

Just the other day, I wrote about how Chipotle was moving in the direction of making their establishments gun-free zones. They’re still in the “respectfully requesting” stage of asking their gun-owning customers to leave their guns at home. Well, here’s a barbecue establishment in Durham, North Carolina that was very open about barring anyone with weapons, even concealed ones. The sign read, “No Weapons” and then had three depictions, one of the State Capitol, one of the State Legislative Read more […]

44,000 Voters Registered in Both Virginia and Maryland

Every time I write about cases of voter fraud, at least one liberal challenges me saying the instances are so few that they are insignificant and have no bearing on the elections.   But it seems that every month I read about new findings that just keep adding more and more evidence that voter fraud if far more widespread than liberals want to admit. Nearly three weeks ago I wrote about thousands of cases of voter fraud that took place in North Carolina.  I reported that an audit revealed that Read more […]

Election Audit Reveals Thousands of Cases of Voter Fraud in North Carolina

When I wrote about a Cincinnati precinct worker who was convicted of voter fraud for voting for at least 6 other people and possibly more, one liberal chimed in that voter fraud is almost non-existent.  This person obviously neglected the facts of how many dead people, pets and non-citizens voted in primaries and general elections and how Democrats were caught teaching people how to vote in more than one state.  They also failed to acknowledge how many reports there were of voting machines that Read more […]

“Enrichment Exercise”: School Terrifies Kids With Fake Masked Gunman

I don’t know why they call them “no tolerance” policies when they obviously don’t apply to everyone. They go to such great lengths to justify suspending a student for eating a pastry in a questionable shape or pointing his finger in a “threatening” way. They’ll tell parents something like: “Look, we have a no-tolerance policy toward guns and other weapons. Student safety is our top priority, and even the very appearance of a gun is enough to frighten students. Remember, we live Read more […]