Nobel Prize Committee Regrets Giving 2009 Nobel Peace Prize to Obama

Well, that didn’t take long. In an interview with the Associated Press, Geil Lundestad, the former director of the Nobel Institute that awarded Obama the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, says that he regrets giving Obama the prize: Looking back over Mr. Obama’s presidency, Mr. Lundestad said, granting him the award did not fulfill the committee’s expectations. “[We] thought it would strengthen Obama and it didn’t have this effect,” he told the Associated Press in an interview. The award Read more […]

New Poll: Most Americans think Obama is Unworthy of Nobel Peace Prize

A new poll from Rasmussen Reports shows that 55 percent of Americans believe that President Barack Obama does not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. Not only does Obama not deserve the global peace award now, but Americans also think that he never should have received it in the first place. Obama supporters, who think that he still does deserve the award, amount to a paltry 26 percent, and 18 percent of Americans surveyed are still uncertain. However, 89 percent of Republicans and 22 percent of Read more […]