Why You Shouldn’t Watch Noah … and Why You Probably Will Anyway

To be clear up front, I haven’t seen Noah. I don’t feel like I need to in order to say what I have to say here, which is (simply) this: I’m tired of people making money off of bad publicity. And I’m not going to allow the controversy swirling around Noah to get any money out of me. Let me explain. It could be that Noah is actually a decent movie, and that’s why people flocked two million by two million like hypnotized animals to see it. But I really doubt that. A few Christians and Read more […]

Epic Bible Films Making a Comeback

Hollywood will be releasing a series of epic Bible films coming up in the next few years, beginning with Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. Other scheduled films are Son of God, Mary Mother of Christ (from the makers of The Passion of the Christ), Ridley Scott’s Exodus, and a few others in the works. Some of us who grew up watching Ben Hur  and The Ten Commandments might be getting pretty excited about what looks to be a seismic shift in Hollywood. But what’s really going on here? Has Hollywood Read more […]