Georgia Bill Legalizes Police No-Knock Raids

As with most bills, its intended purpose is not what the Georgia bill actually accomplishes. The bill was supposed to place restrictions on police no-knock raids. But what it actually does is legalize them, because technically, police no-knock raids are already illegal in Georgia. That of course doesn’t stop police from executing them however. 11Alive reported: The Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill that would restrict no-knock warrants by police. The hearing lasted two days and Read more […]

Former Cop: No-Knock Raids are About Getting Federal Grant Money

I know there are good cops out there. But sadly, the good ones don’t last all that long. They end up getting fired, forced to resign, or they quit, because they can’t take the politics anymore. So, we’re left with either bad cops or those who will do as they’re told in order to put food on the table. The group Photography is Not a Crime (PINAC) conducted an interview with a former Crowley, Louisiana cop. He was one of the good ones but became disillusioned with all the no-knock raids they Read more […]

Police Officer Killed By Homeowner Who Thought He Was Being Burglarized

Police always say that what concerns them the most is making sure they are safe; that they are able to get home safely to their families. And if that means shooting and killing an innocent person to ensure the officers’ safety, then so be it. Better safe than sorry. It’s not like a civilian is all that important anyway. What doesn’t make any sense is when a police SWAT team decide to do a no-knock middle-of-the-night raid on someone’s house because of what some anonymous “informant” Read more […]