The Secret Sandy Hook Secrecy Bill

Been wondering what has happened with the Sandy Hook case? Want many of the weird questions settled? The legislature of Connecticut has been bypassing normal open procedures to craft a bill behind closed doors that would, if passed, keep basic evidence of the crime forever behind closed doors From the Hartford Courant, “Bill Drafted In Secret Would Block Release Of Some Newtown Massacre Records”: “The staffs of the state’s top prosecutor and the governor’s office have been working in secret Read more […]

Cornel West Race-Baits…Again

It actually took longer than I thought for the tragedy at Sandy Hook to bring out the race-baiters. There are bad people everywhere; and those who use tragedy to push some kind of agenda. There are always those who use sadness to provoke anger, and violence to promote their pet ideas. If you’ll recall back in 2005, it didn’t take the race-baiters long to start blaming president Bush for the recovery fiasco. It was famously said by Kanye West–mascot of intelligent discourse–that the post-Katrina recovery Read more […]