Newtown Kids Exploitable But Obama’s Daughters Off Limits?

Thanks to Sasha and Malia’s dad, the U.S. economy is growing at historic levels and unemployment is at historic lows, right? How else can one explain 60 minutes profound respect for obscene First Family vacation spending and privacy and their total disregard for the privacy of the grieving and vulnerable families victimized in the Newtown tragedy? Apparently, only some children’s lives are “off limits” and others, well, not so much. Forgive my condescending tone, but not a day goes by Read more […]

Biden to Law Enforcement: You’ve Had No Better Friend Than Me

That ol’ coot, Joe Biden. “Bless his little heart.” If you’ve ever attended church in the Bible belt, you know exactly the tone of voice to say that in, and exactly what it really means. Even he would admit he’s let loose with some whoppers from time to time. He’s good for comic relief if nothing else. So, when he takes the time to warn you before he lets one go that this one’s really gonna smell a little “off,” well, best hold on to your hats. Speaking at a gun control rally in Connecticut, Read more […]

Adam Lanza: No One Saw This Coming?

I wasn’t sure how to write this article given the anger and despondency I felt as a father when I watched and read of the Connecticut school shooting that took place on Friday. My heart breaks for the parents and loved ones of the innocent lives snuffed out by a deranged young man incapable of understanding the trauma and devastation he has left behind. Twenty eight innocent souls were violently ripped away from their families all victims of a mentally ill young man who went on a delusional rampage Read more […]

Some Gun-Control Ruminations for Liberals in Light of Friday’s Massacre

It has become standard when in the fresh aftermath of gun-related massacres for liberals to immediately call for the outlawing of guns. Conservatives will then tell the liberals that they are being disrespectful to the victims by politicizing the incident. In defense of liberals, if they believe guns really are evil, then it makes sense that they would talk about gun control in the immediate wake of a shooting such as we saw Friday. If you believe our current gun laws are to blame for mass killings, Read more […]