NYC Puts Women at Risk by Allowing Trans Access to All Bathrooms

One of the strategies employed by the left in order to win elections is to victimize. The left repeatedly tells particular groups of people that they are victims of oppressors; and in nearly every case, the oppressors in question are conservatives. The left then tells its little victims that the Democratic Party is the only thing protecting them from the evil conservative oppressors. They tell women that conservatives want to control their bodies; they tell Hispanics that conservatives want them Read more […]

New York Governor Cuomo Calls for National Gun Control After Aide Shot

One of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s top aides, a Harvard-educated lawyer, was shot by a stray bullet during parade festivities in Crown Heights when he found himself in the middle of a gang fight. Carey Gabay jumped between two parked cars to get out of the gunfire, but the top of his head was grazed by a bullet. He’s in critical condition at the hospital in a medically-induced coma. At least five others were injured, one fatally, during the gang mayhem. Governor Cuomo said that this incident Read more […]

Taxpayers are Leaving New York in Droves

It was reported recently by Americans for Tax Reform that taxpayers are overwhelmingly leaving Democrat-controlled states and moving to Republican-controlled states. New York was the biggest loser when it came to its taxpaying population. Liberals like high taxes, because they think that will bring in the most tax revenue to fund their ever-growing government and pet projects. What they don’t consider is that the higher the taxes, the more people want to move away to another state that doesn’t Read more […]

Cop Runs Stop Sign, Causes Accident; Arrests Victim for DUI

A New York Police Department SUV carrying 5 cops ran a stop sign and t-boned another driver. Probably in an attempt to cover up the accident that they most assuredly caused, the police started questioning the guy they hit about how much he had had to drink that evening. The man responded that all he had was a non-alcoholic soft drink. He consented to a test, which yielded a result of 0% blood alcohol level and no trace of drugs. Regardless, they still arrested him and charged him with DUI, since, Read more […]

Irate City Councilman Flips Out in Front of Resident Gun Supporters: “Shut up! You’re not Recognized!”

The city of Poughkeepsie, New York was considering an ordinance that would require all gun-owning residents to keep their firearms locked up at all times. As you would expect, the pro-gun community showed up in full force, much to the dismay of one Democrat councilman Joe Rich, from the 2nd Ward. He accused these people of not wanting this local law to work. He told them that they were just afraid that it would work, and that other cities, even the state itself, may follow suit once everyone sees Read more […]

New York Dem Trying to Require Gun Owners to Purchase Liability Insurance

If they can’t completely ban firearms, they can at least make it so expensive and burdensome to own them that people give up trying. One Democrat Representative from New York is trying to make it a law that gun owners purchase liability insurance while facing $10,000 in fines for noncompliance. If the law is anything like legislation introduced in California a couple years ago, there will be lower insurance rates offered if the owners’ guns are unloaded, disassembled and locked away in a safe Read more […]

New York Legalizes Incestuous Marriage

How many times have people made the observation that acceptance of homosexual “marriage” would lead to acceptance of other perversions like pedophilia, bestiality and incestuous relationships? Liberals will always say that gay marriage is here to stay, and that predictions of other perversions are nothing but slippery slope hysteria. Yet up in New York, they’ve set a precedent that allows for uncle-niece marriages: The New York Court of Appeals has unanimously overruled the state’s Read more […]

New York Proposes Gun Confiscation Bill

New York legislature is considering bill that would mean gun confiscation for many people. We just reported recently about California’s new law that provides steps for someone to petition a court to issue a “gun violence restraining order” on a family member that would result in confiscation of any firearms that individual possesses. All you’d have to do is present evidence to the court that that particular person is a danger to himself or others, and police would willingly confiscate Read more […]

White Male New Yorkers Not A Proud Point For Gov. Cuomo

I saw a commercial on TV last night for Start-Up NY, which, as its website explains, “is a groundbreaking new initiative from [New York] Governor Andrew M. Cuomo that will provide major incentives for businesses to relocate, start up or significantly expand in New York State….” The commercial is much like Texas Governor Rick Perry’s commercials that played in Maryland a few months ago to encourage entrepreneurial Marylanders to move to tax-friendly Texas. I had a suspicion that this Start-Up Read more […]

Governor Cuomo Says Conservatives Have No Place In His State

“You have a schism within the Republican Party…They’re searching to define their soul, that’s what’s going on. Is the Republican party in this state a moderate party or is it an extreme conservative party…Who are they? Are they these extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay? Is that who they are? Because if that’s who they are and they’re the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York…” – Governor Andrew Cuomo It’s funny. The Read more […]