New Mexico Food Stamps Recipients May Have To Look For Work

Shock and outrage over conditions being attached to food stamps. “People who are given whatever they want soon develop a sense of entitlement and rapidly lose their sense of proportion.” – Sarah Churchwell According to the Associated Press, a lawsuit is being filed by a group of New Mexico food stamp recipients because forthcoming regulations would require some beneficiaries of the program, such as childless adults, to work, or seek work in order to be eligible for food stamps. This has caused Read more […]

Former Sheriff Who Pushed for Civil Forfeiture Ordinance Now the Target of Civil Forfeiture; Doesn’t Agree With the Law Anymore

The idea behind asset forfeiture is if someone was using a piece of property to carry out a crime, that piece of property is subject to seizure. For example, law enforcement could seize a car that was used to transport illegal drugs, sell it and keep the proceeds. I was behind a cop SUV not too long ago that had a bumper sticker on the back that read:  “This car paid for with drug money.” The drug money was seized under asset forfeiture. According to a New Mexico DWI lawyer’s website: If Read more […]

Gov. Susana Martinez Not a 2016 Contender

Some Republicans out there like to pretend that they believe New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez could beat Hillary Clinton in a 2016 presidential election. Admittedly, it would be more probable than Sarah Palin ever being president, but that isn’t saying much. These Republicans, however, forget that Democratic women are not looking for a female candidate per se, but rather a female candidate who is a Democrat; a candidate who will rule subjectively and emotionally, a candidate who daydreams Read more […]

Police Execute Homeless Man for “Illegally Camping” in New Mexico Foothills

The police of course are claiming that the shooting was justified, because the man made a “threatening” movement and had a history of violence. That very well may be the case, that he had a history of violent charges brought against him, but just imagine if instead of a cop yelling orders at him, some random civilian was yelling orders at him and decided to shoot the man, because the random civilian “felt his life was threatened.” He’d likely be charged with murder. Some people are defending Read more […]

Gay Hairdresser Refuses Service To Republican Governor, Liberals Silent

“A hypocrite is the kind of politician who would cut down a redwood tree, then mount the stump and make a speech for conservation.” – Adlai Stevenson Oh, what a joy it is when a bad person makes a mistake that makes them into a hypocrite. Even better, it’s profoundly rewarding to see hypocrisy displayed on a national scale. And what’s even better that that? When it happens immediately following a triumph. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, and nothing is bigger at this moment than the Read more […]

Man Forgets To Use His Blinker, Receives Anal Cavity Search

If you’re in need of a colonoscopy or rectal exam, there are some different ways to go about receiving those procedures. You could either do what most people do and call the doctor to schedule the exam. Or you could do what a couple New Mexico men did and commit a miniscule traffic code violation. You know, like rolling slowly through a stop sign or failing to put your turn signal on. We’ve already reported on David Eckert who received a full colorectal exam, including abdominal x-rays, three Read more […]

Man Subjected To Forced Enemas & Colonoscopy For Clenching Buttocks “Suspiciously”

For this one, you’ll need to duct tape your head to prevent it from exploding, as John Lofton would say. I’ll just get right into it, because there are a lot of details, and it just gets worse and worse. Some guy in New Mexico was leaving a Wal-Mart parking lot and made the egregious mistake of not coming to a full and complete stop at a stop sign. So, the cop that was lying in wait around the corner pulled him over. According to the police, after they ordered this man David Eckert to exit Read more […]