Tent Cities, Porta Potties, and Martial Law; the “New” New Jersey

No one wanted to talk about it. One person commented that it was “really frightening”. Now it is a reality and hardly anyone is talking about it; no one but the residents of tent cities sprouting up all over the East Coast. FEMA camps and martial law are becoming part of the lives of many Americans suffering from the effects of Storm Sandy. A few days after Sandy collided with the East Coast, I raised the specter of storm victims moving to FEMA Camps. It wasn’t a very popular article. My Read more […]

Schools Paying More to Serve Less Lunch and Students Beginning to Protest

Michelle Obama, the self-proclaimed food czar who still looks heavier than when she moved into the White House, is starting to lose some of her fans in the public schools of America. First Lady Michelle Obama has taken it upon herself to start dictating how and what American should eat.  Her Let’s Move program has become more than just a health recommendation program; it’s becoming a health dictate, especially in the public schools.  Her program has resulted in a number of federal guidelines Read more […]