Top NH Democrat Endorses GOP Senate Candidate Scott Brown

Former US Senator Scott Brown from Massachusetts is making another run for the Senate, but this time in New Hampshire. He is challenging the Democratic incumbent Sen. Jeanne Shaheen. Many didn’t give Brown much of a chance of stealing Shaheen’s senate seat. On April 22, 2013, polls showed that Shaheen held a 49.5% to 36.3% lead over Brown. By January 1, 2014 she still held a 47.5% to 39.8% lead and on July 10, 2014 her lead was 52.7% to 45% over Brown. However, since then, Shaheen’s lead Read more […]

NYT Discovers Truths Of Obamacare 4 Years After Heritage Foundation Warnings

Remember Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s famous words about having to pass the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to find out what’s in it?  Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation already knew what was in the bill before Congress passed it.  He obtained a draft copy in January 2010 and read through the entire health tome. The Heritage Foundation began warning Americans then about what the bill would really do.  The two major things that Rector gleaned from combing through the voluminous bill Read more […]

Obamacare Causing Top Hospitals To Reject Many Obamacare Plans

Obamacare is responsible for the collapse of the entire medical system in America.  Beginning last year, thousands of private physicians left their practices because of Obamacare.  Many said it was due to the massive influx of paperwork.  Others said that they would not be able to afford to stay in private practice because of the rules and regulations in Obamacare.  Hundreds of other private physicians dropped Medicare and Medicaid patients, again, due to Obamacare. In complete contradiction Read more […]