Democratic State Department Turning To Alcohol As Negotiation Tool

At one time, the State Department was known for using diplomacy as its main tool in negotiations with friendly and not so friendly nations. Whether the Secretary of State was good at negotiations or not, they still relied on their knowledge and skills to accomplish trade and arms agreements, treaties and end wars. Since Barack Obama became president, America has lost much of its credibility, making it much harder to negotiate with foreign leaders, dignitaries and ambassadors.  Hillary Clinton Read more […]

US Ready To Enter Negotiations With Taliban?

Joyce Brothers said: “Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.” Unquestionably, there is merit in trust. Having trust in other people is a basic and necessary part of life. Without trust, we would remain isolated; never able to form relationships with other people. However, just as important as holding trust in someone else, is holding trust in yourself; in your own instincts. In politics, sometimes, trusting your own instincts is all Read more […]

Obama Once Again Using His Power To Manipulate Us

It is in times of negotiation that the mettle of a man is under the most scrutiny. When there is no choice other than to meet with an opponent in the middle, it takes someone of strong character and intelligence to sift through the mud and find the gold. Well, one out of two is what we’ve got. According to insider sources, during fiscal cliff negotiations, president Obama told speaker John Boehner that if a deal is not met, he will use his inaugural and state of the union speeches to denounce Read more […]