Obama: Gun Violence Should “Shock” and “Obsess” Us Into Gun Control

Obama gave a speech at the memorial service for those unarmed, defenseless military personnel who lost their lives during a murder spree at the Navy Yard in D.C. Despite the strictest of gun laws, Alexis was able to obtain a shotgun that he used to take out two security guards whose pistols Alexis took and used on his other victims. Obama said that these types of incidents are supposed to “shock” and “obsess” us into “doing something” about gun violence: “It ought to be a shock Read more […]

Why The Left Doesn’t Care That Mental Illness Is The Key Factor In Mass Shootings

The Left is smitten with complex laws. They love to build all sorts of boundaries, so long as it inhibits Conservatives and the Constitution, and does not inhibit their lax social rules. The problem is that, while Liberals love to make laws, they seldom enforce those laws in any reasonable way. That’s possibly, and very probably, because of human error. The Left always prattles on about gun control, as if that is the beginning and the end on violence. If guns were only restricted, we would be Read more […]