FBI Raids Peaceful Republic of Texas Political Meeting

The Republic of Texas is a secessionist group in, you guessed it, Texas that is committed to seeing the state secede from the Union. Because its members believe that the federal government no longer serves the interests of the people. As if to confirm that this was in fact the case, the FBI raided a peaceful political meeting of the Republic of Texas, fingerprinted everyone, confiscated cell phones and recording devices, and generally made a show of (unnecessary) force: Members of the Republic of Read more […]

Harry Reid Says Border is Secure

How can anyone in their right mind not realize that America has a border crisis? Even the liberal mainstream media is reporting on border issues almost every day. They speak of the thousands of unaccompanied children that are flooding across the border. However, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) seems to be completely oblivious of the border crisis. In spite of all of the media coverage, Reid actually stood up in front of microphones and told the nation that ‘the border is secure.’ I Read more […]

Deported Criminals Return Illegally at Alarming Rate

There are hundreds of thousands of aliens crossing the US border illegally every year.  Less than half of them are ever detained and even fewer of the detainees are ever deported back to their home countries.  Working under President Obama’s orders most illegal aliens are rewarded for their felony actions and released back into our society where they steal jobs, food and medical benefits from US citizens and often ruin neighborhoods and property values. Supposedly, the government concentrates Read more […]

Is Being Obese the New Terrorism?

When I think of National Security, I think of an invasion or when jet liners crash into buildings killing thousands of people. These types of acts are beyond an individual’s control. One of the reasons we have a military is to protect us from this type of national security threat. So I was shocked when I saw the First Lady being interviewed by Dr. Oz (Mehmet Öz) about obesity. Here’s how it went: Dr. Oz: “From my perspective, the number one greatest national security threat that we have Read more […]

Is National Security a Real Priority to President Obama?

The latest controversy swirling through the political winds is whether or not President Obama takes the matter of national security seriously or not. According to a Government Accountability Institute, President Barack Obama has attended less than half of the daily national security briefings since taking office.  In the first 1225 days, he attended the daily briefing only 43.8% of the time (536 appearances).  From the beginning of 2011 through the first six months of this year, his attendance Read more […]