NOAA’s Faulty Surface Temperature Stations Responsible for Fake Warming Trend

Most of NOAA’s 1,218 surface temperature stations are situated near heat sources like air conditioners, buildings and asphalt. As you would assume, this drives up the temperatures artificially, making it look like the climate is warmer than it really is. A study conducted by climate scientist (and “denier” at the same time) Anthony Watts found that there were 410 temperature stations which abided by NOAA’s regulations for station siting, all of which had lower readings than all the other Read more […]

Data Show U.S. in 10-Year Cooling Trend

According to recent data compiled by NOAA, the U.S. has actually been in the middle of a slight cooling trend over the last ten years. This information comes on the heels of a study put out by NOAA claiming that there was no global warming pause. They came to this conclusion by conveniently adjusting earlier data downwards and more recent data upwards. So, in reality, they adjusted the data so that it yielded their desired conclusion. The Daily Caller reported: Data from America’s most advanced Read more […]