New Unemployment Numbers Terrible News for the Economy

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) jobs report Friday, unemployment has stalled at 5.1 percent in September while job growth is slowing more than originally thought. The latest employment numbers show slow growth. Despite adding jobs, it wasn’t enough to offset overall unemployment in a statically significant way. Additionally, the report found job numbers for July and August were lower than originally believed. “The unemployment rate was unchanged at 5.1 percent,” the BLS Read more […]

How Labor Unions Celebrate Labor Day

Five Things Labor Unions Do to Celebrate Labor Day For many Americans, Labor Day means one last long weekend to end the summer. But the U.S. Department of Labor describes the holiday as “a creation of the labor movement,” meaning labor unions. So how would organized labor celebrate? 1. Make union organizing a civil right. Democrats Georgia Rep. John Lewis and Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison have introduced a bill that would that would do just that. The congressmen argue that the current National Read more […]