Obama Bans Military Personnel from Entering Churches but Approves of Marching in Gay Parades

The children at Bible Baptist Church in Carthage, Missouri wanted to honor the members of the local National Guard unit for protecting their religious freedoms. They planned a celebration and invited the National Guard who were pleased to accept the invitation. Everyone gathered at the church and the kids excitedly awaited the arrival of the National Guard. But they never showed. Just moments before they were to arrive, the National Guard regretfully told Pastor Kent Hogan: “[I]f the National Read more […]

Military Bans Troops from Attending Kids’ Church Function to Honor Them

The military continues its recent trend of making bad decisions based on false Constitutional premises. A small country church recently centered their Vacation Bible School around our everyday heroes. They honored the Fire Department, they honored paramedics and the police… they also wanted to honor their local National Guard. But the National Guard was a no-show… in fact, they were the ONLY no show. Their reasons are pretty sad too…   Bible Baptist Church in Carthage, Read more […]

Ohio National Guard Brainwashing Troops To Believe Gun Owners Are Terrorists

I’ve heard people say that our military would never turn on the American people, even if under direct orders from the President; that they would be loyal to the true protection of the American people and to our national security. I always thought that was a little naïve. There’s nothing magical about being in the military that makes you impervious to propaganda and conditioning. The more we see military patrolling our streets with police, the more they’ll get used to seeing all American Read more […]