Liberal 538 Blog Says 68.5% Chance that Republicans Win Senate Majority!

Liberal stat-head and blogger Nate Silver has become the premier prognosticator when it comes to all things baseball and politics. While it might be easy for conservatives to dismiss his work because of his openly liberal proclivities, that would be doing ourselves a disservice. Nate may be liberal but he works hard to stick to the science of numbers, while the explanation of the numbers at 538 may be noticeably slanted the numbers themselves never seem to be. Oddly enough, in this election Read more […]

Democrats Disgusting Impeachment Ploy

  Two noted liberals, Chuck Todd and Nate Silver, both expose the ridiculous nature of Democrat concerns about Republicans possibly impeaching President Obama. First, Chuck Todd on the shame both parties should feel. And now Nate Silver, formerly of the New York Times on who is really “obsessed” with the possibility of impeachment…         While we may agree that Obama sucks and should be removed from office… it looks like it’s the Democrat Read more […]