NASA: Antarctica’s Been in Cooling Phase for Years

They’re quick to point out though that there are still places on Antarctica that are melting. I’m sure there are. But looking at the big picture, Antarctica has been going through a cooling phase for the past six years: An intensive scientific study of both Earth’s poles has found that from 2009 to 2015 overall temperature has dropped in the southern polar region. NASA’s Operation IceBridge is an airborne survey of polar ice and has finalized two overlapping research campaigns at both the Read more […]

Greenpeace Founder says the Earth is Experience Extreme Cooling!

Scientists and activists warning of catastrophic man-made global warming should look at Earth’s long climate history, according to a co-founder of the environmental group Greenpeace. As it turns out, Earth is currently experiencing one of the coldest climates in its history. “A well-documented record of global temperature over the past 65 million years shows that we have been in a major cooling period since the Eocene Thermal Maximum 50 million years ago,” Dr. Patrick Moore said at a lecture Read more […]

NASA’s New Horizons Probe Shoots Past Pluto

I know it’s not a planet anymore, but Pluto is still worth checking out. At least NASA thinks so. The New Horizons probe launched in January of 2006, with the goal of collecting photos and data from Pluto and beyond. New Horizons will continue to fly out into the Kuiper Belt into the 2030s, when its plutonium-powered nuclear reactor is expected to give out. Pluto is the last planet of the classic solar system to be explored, which means that the USA is the first country to have “probed” Read more […]

NASA Mars Mission Simulation Ends After 8 Months

Six astronauts spent about 8 months in a simulated Mars mission in an airtight dome on a Hawaii volcano. They just felt the fresh air again for the first time in nearly a year: “When we first walked out the door, it was scary not to have a suit on,” said Dunn, 27, a doctoral candidate at Purdue University. “We’ve been pretending for so long.” The dome’s volcanic location, silence and its simulated airlock seal provided an atmosphere similar to space. Looking out the dome’s porthole windows, Read more […]

NASA: Record High Antarctic Sea Ice

NASA is reporting that Antarctic sea ice hasn’t been this thick since 1979. Of course, liberals want to focus on the ice that’s melted at the North Pole. They want to use that as evidence that the world is heating up, and everything is melting, and we’re all going to die of heat stroke, and it’s all because of the fossil fuel industry. The only answer is to tax and regulate them into bankruptcy, while the government spends trillions in taxpayer-funded grants to the “Green” industry. Read more […]

Common Core Test Asks Kids About Global Warming

Following repeated requests from parents, the state of New York released the text of half the questions used in its new Common Core-aligned standardized tests. The test questions, used in tests for grades 3 through 8, include one question that encouraged students to cite evidence in favor of global warming. The eighth grade English test included several  short written pieces that students had to read and respond to in order to demonstrate English mastery. One such piece was an article originally Read more […]