Democrat Wants Americans Fighting for ISIS to Keep US Citizenship

According to the Nationality Act of 1940, any naturalized citizen who joins the forces of any foreign power that is an enemy of the United States can have their US citizenship revoked. But what about naturally born US citizens who join the forces of a foreign enemy? Case in point is the 100 plus Americans that have traveled to Syria to join the Islamic terrorist group known as ISIS. Some of the Americans and British citizens that have joined ISIS have openly destroyed their passports. Should these Read more […]

France Opens Border to Iraq’s Christians

Not that many years ago, France was an atheistic socialist nation, much like the United States is becoming. Like the US, they weren’t friendly to Christians. Over the past few years, France has awakened to the dangers of Islam and have started passing laws restricting Muslims in their country. At the same time, their attitude towards Christians has been improving. According to reports from the BBC, the French government has announced that they are prepared to offer asylum to Iraqi Christians Read more […]

Turkish Women May Not Laugh in Public

A minister from Turkey’s conservative Muslim government outlined in some detail what he thought Turkish women must do in order to be chaste and honorable Muslims. Or, more specifically, he outlined what Turkish women must not do. According to this minister, chastity involves not showing off your beauty (i.e., wearing a head-to-toe black sack) and not laughing in public. That’s right. Good Turkish women don’t laugh in public. After hearing things like this, I can’t imagine this advice will Read more […]

Obama Threatens Lives of Every American Abroad with Gitmo Swap

Over the weekend, the White House carried out a swap of five Afghan members of the Taliban being held in prison at Guantanamo Naval Base (Gitmo) in Cuba for US Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. I’m thrilled for the Bergdahl family but am also extremely concerned that Obama’s actions just placed the life of every American outside the US in danger. Now that Taliban terrorists understand that our Muslim loving president will negotiate and release Taliban terrorists in exchange for the lives of Americans, Read more […]

Islam Infiltrates US Public Education

“This type of propaganda fosters an environment of hate, loathing and resentment toward Western culture, Christians, Jews, Shiites, secular Muslims and non-Muslims.” – Brigitte Gabriel, ACT! For America If you thought the U.N. International Baccalaureate, federal No Child Left Behind, and federal Common Core educational schemes were bad enough, you might want to look a little deeper. In light of the attacks on and after 9/11, you would think the current administration would use a little Read more […]

Muslims to Hold Conference at Episcopal Church in California

Every church that I have belonged to, had strict standards for anyone wishing to use the church facilities for any type of function.  The person or organization had to be Christian and believe in the Bible and Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  At one church, I served as chairman of the board of deacons and we turned down several requests from outside groups because their religious views were not in keeping with our church’s standards. However, many churches are not that caring about their Read more […]

Why the Media is to Blame for Islamic Radicalism

There’s a French weekly publication called Charlie Hebdo that is described as being “left-wing” and “anarchist.” They published a cartoon Wednesday that depicted a naked Mohammad being filmed presumably by the director of the fake “anti-Muslim” YouTube video. The caption at the top reads, “The film that embraces the Muslim world,” and while the director is pointing the camera at Mohammad’s posterior, Mohammad is saying, “My butt? You love my butt?” I know. I don’t really Read more […]

Why Were Egyptians Paid to Protest?

When are the media going to tell us the whole story? They tried using some slipshod, amateurish YouTube video as the excuse for all the Muslim protests, violence and murders, but that turned out to be a poorly executed hoax. They didn’t even try to make the video look legitimate. Now, Egyptian Prime Minister Kandil is admitting that many of those that rioted there in Egypt were paid to do so. What exactly is going on? The media and White House (some say they’re one and the same) are still Read more […]

Obama: “Democracy Is Not Just Casting A Ballot,” It’s Doing What I Want

Who can fail to be sickened to hear Obama lecturing the Middle East about democracy? We were told that a series of food riots were an “Arab Spring.” We were told we must support fledgling democracies. The Muslims in these dictatorships are all yearning to be free, we were told, and we must help them. We even overthrew the secular dictator Gaddafi by providing rebels with guns and air support. And then what happened? Exactly what anyone should have known would happen! The ability of the Muslim Read more […]