America is an Islamic Nation Says DHS Security Advisor

Does the name Mohamed Elibiary ring a bell? I wrote about him last year, referring to him as a ‘Clear and Present Danger” to America. Elibiary is a radical Muslim that has vocally supported radical Muslim regimes that referred to America as an enemy that should be destroyed. When the Muslim Brotherhood took control of Egypt and launched their genocide of the country’s Coptic Christians. A Muslim Brotherhood cabinet meeting was inadvertently videoed when one of their ranking cabinet members Read more […]

Why was Member of Muslim Brotherhood Student Group Included on Benghazi ‘Smoking Gun’ Email?

For the past couple of weeks, the fires of the Benghazi scandal have been burning brightly since the surfacing of a very damaging e-mail. The flames have become so hot that Congress just convened an investigation into the White House and State Department’s obvious cover-up. While everyone is focused on what the ‘smoking gun’ email says, Walid Shoebat noticed something about who was included in the recipients of the email that should be just as scandalous as the email itself. Shoebat, a former Read more […]

Islamic Militants in Egypt Warn Tourists to Leave ‘Before it’s too Late’

I find it ironic that a large part of world terrorism at the moment is being conducted by Muslims who want everyone to live by a strict Islamic code, which they profess to be the religion of peace.  However, the religion of peace continues to raise its ugly head of terrorism in Egypt. The Sinai-based group known as Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis just issued a warning to all tourists in Egypt that they had better leave the county before it’s too late.  Anyone remaining in the country after a Feb. 20 Read more […]

Malik Obama Supports Hamas Desire to Destroy Israel

Malik Obama, also known as Abongo, is the older half-brother of President Barack Hussein Obama and the son of Barack Obama Sr. and his first wife Kezia.  He was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, raised Muslim and educated at the University of Nairobi. Supposedly, Barack and Malik met for the first time in 1985 when both of them were in their 20s.  They must have bonded rapidly as Malik was the best man at Barack and Michelle’s wedding.  Some reports indicate that Barack also served as best Read more […]

TSA Ordered Not To Pat Down Or Screen Members Of Muslim Brotherhood

If you ask the average American on the street what he thinks of the TSA, he might respond with something like this:  “The TSA’s security procedures might be mildly inconvenient and uncomfortable, but they’re a small price to pay for national security and the prevention of terrorism.” If they’re really trying to prevent terrorist acts, then why don’t they screen people who are known members of a terrorist organization? Documents released under a Freedom of Information Act request show Read more […]

Why Won’t Conservatives Get Tough With Evil?

There’s a whole mosque-load of violence occurring right now in Egypt, where, in 2012, aided by the Obama administration, a new president came to town. But that president, Muhamed Morsi, was a leading member of the terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood. Out with the bad, in with the worse. Egyptian citizens, and even the Egyptian Armed Forces (EAF), didn’t like this Morsi fellow very much, however, so they deposed him 13 months later and now he sits in a prison cell. Until the country comes Read more […]

Obama Funding Radical Islam Through Egypt

Albert Einstein said: “Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.” I would switch that idea around, and say that weakness of character begets weakness of attitude. Without solid character, one does not have the correct attitude to lead. In order to be a leader of men, one must have a firm grip on the reality in which we live. One must understand when it is time to act, when it is time to withdraw, and when it is time to stand still. When one does not posses firm character, major judgment Read more […]

The Terror Of Obama’s Future State Religion, Islam

Two weeks back, Barrack Hussein Obama bowed to Islamist terror, again, and announced that the United States would no longer be in a perpetual state of war.  A few days ago, the world and America were informed about an expansive Patriot Act/FISA court domestic surveillance net cast over America to keep us safe from acts of terror. Does anyone see a conflict here? The obvious question I‘d like to ask the President, the guy who has suggested that surveillance is a “necessary compromise to keep Read more […]

John Kerry Approves $1.3 Billion In Aid To Country That Hates Us

B. R. Ambedkar said: “History shows that where ethics and economics come in conflict, victory is always with economics. Vested interests have never been known to have willingly divested themselves unless there was sufficient force to compel them.” The difference between scruples and ethics generally lies in action. Though the two terms are nearly synonymous, I see a difference: one relates to thought, while the other relates to action. In order to behave ethically, one must first have scruples. Read more […]

Obama Administration Ignores Show-Law; Arms Muslim Brotherhood

Awhile back a lot of Americans, perhaps especially those who tended to identify as libertarian and/or conservative, got really fed up with the US Government backing the governments of people who hate us. I more or less agreed with this sentiment—though I thought some people were forgetting to consider that people in other countries might hate us because we fund “their” governments that mistreat and exploit them. Congress actually passed a law that said a country must meet certain “standards” Read more […]

Obama’s Promotion Of Islamic “Justice” & Murder In The US

“These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.” – Barack Hussein Obama, Ramadan 2009, Washington, D.C. As we all know, Barack Hussein Obama parades around as a self-proclaimed champion of “women’s rights.” In truth, he advocates the most dangerous and destructive measures a woman can face through two fronts: promoting abortion and radical Islam, both of which are destructive Read more […]

Obama Protects Islam At All Costs

All over the world, Christianity is under attack. Muslim countries are murdering, torturing and incarcerating people for one reason, and one reason only, their Christian faith. Here in America our government sits on its collective hands and white washes or conveniently ignores the acts of violent Islamists that continue to plan to take more lives. Moreover, the very people entrusted with our Nations Security are protecting the financiers of this global attack on Christianity. It is no big secret Read more […]