Cop Kills Resident for not Consenting to Home Search Without Warrant

Under ordinary circumstances, this would be considered a home break-in, assault and battery, and murder. It would be an open-and-shut case. There were plenty of eyewitnesses and evidence to convict the criminal. He’d be behind bars now, and hopefully would remain there for a long time. But there’s just one factor that changes everything. The man breaking and entering, assaulting and battering, and killing an innocent and unarmed man, was a cop. That means that it will be very difficult to Read more […]

Dem Rep Opposes Bill Protecting Abortion-Surviving Babies, Because it “May Kill Children”

These people don’t appreciate their own irony. I just reported the other day about Representative DeLauro who opposed a pro-life bill that would remove federal funding from Planned Parenthood. She said that forcing Planned Parenthood to raise their own money instead of relying on the taxpayers would be like telling Americans, “Forget your health; you can just die.” As if abortion hasn’t killed tens of million of people already. New York Representative Jarrold Nadler is opposing the Born-Alive Read more […]

Chalk up Another Thwarted Armed Robbery to the Second Amendment

More Americans are buying guns than ever before. There are more guns in private ownership than there are people in the United States. More homeowners are using those guns to protect themselves from intruders. One of those homeowners is a man who police have not given his identity, in Timberlake, North Carolina. Around 5am, the man was woken by an intruder wearing a mask and carrying a shotgun. The intruder demanded that the homeowner give him all of his money. Instead of grabbing his wallet, Read more […]

Liberal Hypocrisy: Praise Abortion, Condemn Capital Punishment

“I am patient with stupidity, but not with those who are proud of it.” – Edith Sitwell Liberalism isn’t a political philosophy; it is a front for an advancing agenda. Because of this, liberalism is incoherent, and rife with contradictions. The only reason the left has convinced anyone to believe in their nonsense is because they have infused it with emotional weight, which distracts people from actual facts. The left whips up a frenzy of anger, and self-righteousness to make their followers feel Read more […]

Father’s Horrendous Murder of 2 Yr. Old Daughter a Sign of America’s Moral Decay

Tierra Morgan-Glover was a happy two year old girl who loved her mom and dad and relied on them for everything.  That is until November 2011 when her father, Arthur Morgan took his daughter, still strapped in her car seat, secured a tire jack to the seat and tossed her into a creek to drown.  Her lifeless body was pulled from the creek about 20 miles from her home. The medical examiner for Monmouth County, New Jersey said that Tierra was most likely conscious for about three minutes after she Read more […]

How Rutgers Went From Hating Torture To Loving Murder In One Simple Step

Tolerance in a two-way street. That little phrase is bandied about all the time by the fanatical Left whenever they feel like condemning a conservative for perceived intolerance. The Left frequently claims the mantle of tolerance, making themselves into modern deities. It is their alleged willingness to love all people, no matter their beliefs, that makes them such wonderful, compassionate people. Well, that’s their tag line, at least. The truth—as is often the case—is far from what the Left Read more […]

Rapist & Murderer Endures Painful Execution, And I Don’t Feel Sorry

“The recent prolonged and painful execution of Dennis McGuire in Ohio with medical drugs was a national disgrace.” – Harold Mandel “The manner in which Ohio chose to experiment on this human being speaks to the baseless ethical character of Governor Kasich and his administration. The State of Ohio has committed murder without mercy. The universal Christian church loves all of God’s children and believes wholeheartedly in mercy and forgiveness.” – Rev. Anthony Evans Dennis McGuire has been on Read more […]

Defenseless Man Complies With Armed Robbers’ Demands; Gets Shot And Killed Anyway

Gun control advocates are always very critical of gun carriers who use their firearm to defend themselves or their families. Especially in cases where they’re confronted not necessarily by a murderer, but by a robber. The gun controllers argue that a robber wouldn’t have hurt them, that all they had to do was give the robber what he wanted, and then call 911. And then everyone would be safe, and the police would eventually nab the criminal, and maybe you’d get your stuff back. The gun-grabbers Read more […]

England Allows Gender Selective Abortions—Why Is That Wrong?

“I got to where I couldn’t stand to look at the little bodies anymore.” -Dr. Beverly McMillan, former abortionist. What does “life” mean to Liberals? Liberals clearly despise animal cruelty—rightfully so—but what makes a person who won’t tolerate abuse to animals tolerate and even endorse homicide of human beings? Is there a mental block, or is it something more complex? The standard defense of abortion that I receive from my Liberal friends has to do with viability. Liberals declare Read more […]

Comedian Russell Brand Tries To Justify London Soldier Slaying

Voltaire said: “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” Foolishness certainly isn’t a rarity; it surrounds us every day. But there is something quite special about the foolishness of celebrities. There are people everywhere that practice foolishness with impressive proficiency; but it seems as though celebrities and political figures have a special knack for it that most people don’t. Perhaps it’s because they are in the lime-light that their stupidity is magnified Read more […]

Abortion Doctor Testifies Before Congress, Revealing Deeply Disturbing Details

“The toughest part of a D&E abortion is extracting the baby’s head. The head of a baby that age is about the size of a large plum and is now free floating inside the uterine cavity…You will know you have it right when you crush down on the clamp and see white gelatinous material coming through the cervix. That was the baby’s brains. You can then extract the skull pieces. Many times a little face will come out and stare back at you.” That passage was just a small part of a much larger speech Read more […]

Infant Killer, Kermit Gosnell, Found Guilty!

Albert Einstein said: “In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.” Justice is a difficult concept. Every day, we experience small disappointments because justice was not served in the way we believed it should have been. We also experience joy when we see someone get their just desserts. On the other end of the spectrum, the nation experiences anger and sadness when a high-profile criminal Read more […]