All White Students Banned From College’s “Diversity Event”

Every thinking person discriminates in one form or another, though most people would rather be locked in a bathroom with a diarrhetic Oprah than admit they discriminate. Discrimination is just choosiness. Whether you’re being choosy based on baseless preconceptions about someone, based on your own personal observations of people like the person you’re discriminating against, or based on actual statistical data, it’s all discrimination and it’s all perfectly natural. It’s not a negative thing Read more […]

Misdirected Anger Over Coke’s Multilingual Super Bowl Ad

During the Super Bowl on Sunday, Coca-Cola officially hung up its hat as America’s soft drink. The 128-year-old company made a minute-long commercial featuring people of different races and nationalities singing “America the Beautiful” in their own respective languages. Naturally, conservatives have been complaining about the ad, even calling for a boycott of all Coke products. But they’re doing it for the wrong reasons. They believe it is offensive for that song to be sung in any language Read more […]