All White Students Banned From College’s “Diversity Event”

Every thinking person discriminates in one form or another, though most people would rather be locked in a bathroom with a diarrhetic Oprah than admit they discriminate. Discrimination is just choosiness. Whether you’re being choosy based on baseless preconceptions about someone, based on your own personal observations of people┬álike the person you’re discriminating against, or based on actual statistical data, it’s all discrimination and it’s all perfectly natural. It’s not a negative thing Read more […]

Misdirected Anger Over Coke’s Multilingual Super Bowl Ad

During the Super Bowl on Sunday, Coca-Cola officially hung up its hat as America’s soft drink. The 128-year-old company made a minute-long commercial featuring people of different races and nationalities singing “America the Beautiful” in their own respective languages. Naturally, conservatives have been complaining about the ad, even calling for a boycott of all Coke products. But they’re doing it for the wrong reasons. They believe it is offensive for that song to be sung in any language Read more […]