Is Political Ideology Determined by One’s Biology?

It’s been theorized that biology plays as much a part, if not more, in our political beliefs than our upbringing and experiences do. John Hibbing’s Political Physiology Laboratory at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has been putting this theory to the test. “We know,” says Hibbing, “that liberals and conservatives are really deeply different on a variety of things. It runs from their tastes, to their cognitive patterns—how they think about things, what they pay attention to—to their physical Read more […]

One More Reason Halfway Socialized Healthcare is the Worst

A few years ago, a company called Genentech developed a cancer treatment it called Avastin. Avastin was a very expensive and dubiously effective cancer treatment, but it turned out to be great at treating Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration—an eye disease that causes blindness in older patients. Another plus—an extraordinarily small dose of Avastin was sufficient to treat AMD, so using it for this purpose was very inexpensive. But then some bad PR started circulating about Avastin’s side Read more […]

Bear Stearns Executives Rewarded for Failure

Many of the Bear Stearns executives responsible for the subprime mortgage fiasco that set off a worldwide economic downturn didn’t have to share in the financial ruin they helped precipitate. In other words, these captains didn’t go down with the sinking ship. In fact, they jumped off Bear Stearns and started piloting other major American economic ships. An article in Mother Jones profiles six Bear Stearns executives who went on to highly successful (and highly compensated) jobs at other companies Read more […]