Liberal Calls Chris Kyle A Racist Mass-Murderer

A Morning Joe guest gets smacked with facts when he attacks Chris Kyle. “The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words.” – Phillip K. Dick There is more power inside a single word than inside an entire armory. Words are used for communication, and as such, they are a tool–the use of which gets us what we need. If a teenager wants to go to a party that her parents wouldn’t approve of, she will use ambiguity, and language manipulation to convince her parents that the Read more […]

MSNBC Wonders if Democrats are Biggest Losers of 2014

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe the panel of guests were asked to consider who may have been the “biggest losers” of 2014. The Democrats were a prime candidate for that award. Are the Democrats the year’s biggest losers? The Morning Joe panel shares their picks on this year’s biggest losers which include: the Democrats and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.   Read more […]

MSNBC Host Blasts the GOP… Again

MSNBC’s Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough went on a rant against the GOP on Tuesday for the way they’ve treated President Obama. He  focused on the GOP’s  tendency to criticize the President  on foreign policy issues, even as he does the things the GOP wants him to do. Scarborough would like to see the GOP to rally around President Obama and support him in the fight against ISIS. “The President of the United States is doing what we hear John McCain and Lindsey Graham and other Read more […]

Liberals Unable to Name 1 Accomplishment of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State

Before the final votes were tallied in November 2012, Democrats started touting Hillary Clinton as the favorite for the 2016 nomination.  Most Democrats fail to realize her connection to Muslim terrorists or her failure and attempted cover up of the Benghazi disaster.  They don’t care that she defended her husband’s sexual permissiveness in the Oval Office or for how rudely she treats her military escorts and other staff. So what makes Hillary so popular as the Democratic frontrunner for Read more […]