Hobby Lobby Hypocrisy Doesn’t Invalidate Supreme Court Argument

A concerning story has come to light which has left an unpleasant after taste in my mouth. According to several sources, the proprietors of Hobby Lobby may not be as squeaky clean as they once appeared. The Supreme Court is currently hearing a case which pits the owners of Hobby Lobby against the Obama administration. The southern Baptist owners of the hobby store are claiming that the Obamacare mandate which forces businesses to provide their employees with certain types of contraception coverage Read more […]

Obama Forces Christians to Violate Faith

Anything that doesn’t represent a pressing Liberal need is considered to be trivial by the Democrat establishment. Nothing means anything outside of their agenda, and they make no bones about it. One of the large issues of the time is the HHS mandate, and a similar motion to force employers to cover not only birth control, but the abortion pill Plan B as well. Plan B is considered by the Left as birth control—for that matter, so is late-term abortion–but studies have indicated that many times, Read more […]

NYC Bypasses Parents to Provide Plan B Morning After Pills to High Schoolers

If you’re the parent of a teenage daughter attending high school in New York City, be warned that the New York City Department of Education has just usurped your parental authority and rights. Thirteen high schools within the NYC school district will be providing Plan B morning after pills to girls as young as 14 without any parental permission or knowledge.  Supposedly, parents can opt their daughters out of the program, but nothing says the girls still won’t have access when they are at Read more […]