First Same-Sex Marriage, Now Polygamy

A year ago, I wrote that the next logical step from the acceptance and legalization of same-sex marriage would be the acceptance and legalization of polygamy and group marriage.  Most states still do not recognize same-sex marriage.  For those states that just passed legalized same-sex marriage, the ink hasn’t even had a chance to dry when a feminist professor started advocating for the legalization of polygamy. Janet Bennion is a professor of anthropology and sociology at Lyndon State College Read more […]

Democrats Are Just Clueless Because They Don’t Listen To Anything

Barack Obama is Mormon, pro-life and got most of the jobs he said he would.  Obama’s Vice Presidential running mate is Paul Ryan who happens to be black.  McCain may take 40% of the vote, perhaps more if he drops Sarah Palin.  Romney is black, a Muslim, supportive of gay-marriage and believes in pro-choice.  Everyone is hoping that Obama finally catches Osama bin Laden and either kills him or puts him in jail indefinitely.  One voter plans to vote for Romney, McCain and Obama. Howard Stern Read more […]

Conservative Christians Will Give Obama Second Term

As conservative Christian, I would love nothing more than to be able to vote for a Christian president.  I know of many other conservative Christians who feel the same way.  And because of their faith and convictions, they may well give Barack Obama a second term as president and insure the complete collapse of America. I’ve heard a number of friends say that they will not vote for Obama or Romney because neither of them are Christian.  They either intend to vote for Libertarian candidate Read more […]