Planned Parenthood Wants To Perform Abortions To Underage Girls Without Parental Consent

In 1999, the Montana State Supreme Court overturned a 1995 abortion consent law because the law did not provide any judicial means for minors that could not get the consent of their parents.  That never did make sense to me as the parents are the legal guardians of their children and are responsible for them.  If the parents won’t give their consent for an abortion, it should not be up to a judge overrule the parents. The people and legislature of Montana have taken measures to protect the Read more […]

Montana On “Indefinite Detention”: NDAA Is Criminal

Montana is the latest of a growing number of states that is pushing back against the Federal Government on the National Defense Authorization Act. The law is now going to the state senate, but it passed the Montana State Legislator a whopping 97-1. According to the Tenth Amendment Center: “If signed into law, HB522 would make it illegal for Montana to participate in NDAA indefinite detention: ‘The state of Montana may not provide material support or participate with the implementation of Read more […]