Census Bureau: Traditional Families are Wealthier than Others

CNS News asks, “Why are married couples with kids wealthier than other Americans?” According to the Census Bureau: Female householders in a nonfamily household had a median income of $26,673, according to the Census Bureau’s Table HINC-01. Male householders in a nonfamily household had a median income of $39,181. Unmarried-couple households with children under 18 had a median income of $50,283, according to Table HINC-04, and unmarried-couple households with no children under 18 had a median Read more […]

Pelosi Funneled $1 Billion Taxpayer Money to Radical Billionaire Environmentalist

Remember how Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has constantly criticized and attacked the Koch brothers for using their own money to help conservative Republican politics? Ethics charges were filed against Reid for his actions and statements concerning the Koch brothers. Obviously in Reid’s mind, it’s not okay for conservative brothers to use their own money to support Republican politics, but it is okay for a liberal Democrat to use taxpayer money to support Democratic politics. I’m speaking Read more […]

Michelle Obama Denounces Money in Politics; Asks Donors for a “Big, Fat Check”

When liberals bemoan money in politics, they don’t actually mean all money. Just the money that goes to support the other team. They’re perfectly fine with taking large donations for themselves from rich liberals and organizations. In fact, they depend on it. That’s just the reality of politics today. No one’s holding public office these days out of a sense of altruism and love for country. Save for maybe a handful of politicians, no one cares about this country. They care about themselves. Read more […]

Obama Wants More Money for UN Even Though US Pays 22% of UN Budget

If you asked me to list the top five enemies of the United States, my list might surprise you.  Number 1 on my list is Barack HUSSEIN Obama because he is doing so much to destroy everything America has ever stood for. Number on my list is the United Nations! The United Nations’ agenda is to form a one-world government and totally usurp everything America stands for.  The United Nations wants to redistribute the wealth on a much large scale than Obama.  The United Nations wants to ban all Read more […]

Obamacare Limits How Much Seniors Can Spend Of Own Money on Healthcare Insurance

We’ve been hearing about one negative aspect of Obamacare after another.  Two years ago I reported on some 20 different taxes that were being imposed by Obamacare.  From increases in taxes on dividends and medical devices, to increasing the medical deductions that you subtract from your itemized federal income tax from 7.5% to 10%. According to a recent report from the Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics at the Nation Right to Life Committee, Obamacare is also imposing a 40% excise tax: “Obamacare Read more […]

What Liberals Don’t Want You to Know About the “Evil” Koch Brothers

I am generally ambivalent toward the Koch brothers. I’m sure there are organizations and causes to which they’ve contributed that I would find objectionable. But in general, they’ve contributed to the tea party movement, a number of conservative and libertarian leaning think tanks, organizations and so forth. These are their own private contributions, so I don’t really care where or how much they decide to donate. It’s their business. But liberals seem to think they’re a part of this Read more […]

The Federal Reserve Shows They Know The Obama Economy Is Dead

The big news yesterday was that the Federal Reserve was not going to “taper” their 85 billion dollars worth of bond purchases every month. The “money printing” will continue. The “Quantitative Easing” program that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke cooked up was supposed to be a way to “get the economy going.” Once the economy was moving again, then, Bernanke told us, the QE could be ended—ended incrementally or “tapered.” But creating new money doesn’t actually create Read more […]

Will American Morality Again Cave To Money?

Like most conservative Americans, I hope that the Boy Scouts of America decide to continue to fight the good fight and maintain a 100 year Scouting tradition of commitment to a boy’s morally straight life. As a father of a former scout who was actively involved in pack and committee level leadership, I am understandably disappointed by the Boy Scouts decision to consider changing their position barring homosexual leadership and lifestyle from the ranks of the kids entrusted to their stewardship. I Read more […]

What do we do? We lied too!

I don’t know about the rest of America, but I have often wondered why Conservatives are so nice to Liberals when they go on the attack. Are the threats of exposure for decades of bad deals and politically expedient compromise worth protecting when America is failing? After all, wealthy politicians (Democrat or Republican) care little for the average American future. When will our so-called honorable and patriotic representatives begin the trench warfare battle we need to bring this thing back? Why Read more […]