“Moderate” Republicans Doing More Damage Than Democrats

Compromise is to be used when one possesses common ground with their opponent. If one does not have any such common ground, a place where beliefs overlap, there is no benefit to compromise. In fact, without common ground, compromise doesn’t even exist. Moreover, if finding common ground requires one to violate their beliefs, even in the slightest, what is the point? What is the cost, morally, strategically, and politically of compromising, when it forces us to bend what should otherwise be a straight Read more […]

Eventually America will lose our Guns to Republican Moderates

In less than ten years America’s moral compass has flipped in a profound way. Somehow our citizenry has discounted completely the importance of a morally grounded conservative society. We are losing our national backbone, to both liberal and moderate opinions, one social cause at a time. Many Americans, especially moderate Republicans, are walking into carefully set progressive traps and it is just a matter of time before politicians convince confused generations of neo-cons that second amendment Read more […]