Poll: Obama Worst President Since WWII

I used to have a bumper sticker that read:  “Hopium – feels good until it wears off.” The O was stylized as the O that Obama used in his campaign logos. The bumper sticker eventually peeled and dried up in the hot Southern sun until it fell off, as if it were a picture of Obama’s waning and arid popularity. From the Washington Times: Poll after poll shows President Obama’s approval rating dipping recently, and one new Quinnipiac University Poll finds that voters say Mitt Romney would Read more […]

On Russian Aggression: Republicans 2, Obama 0

“[D]uring the 2008 presidential campaign,” reads an article at Daily Mail Online, “Foreign Affairs [Magazine] wrote an article ridiculing her [Sarah Palin’s] prediction that if then-Senator Barack Obama is elected into office, Russia under President Vladimir Putin will move to occupy Ukraine.” No one could ever mistake me for a Sarah Palin fan—I’ve made considerable efforts in the past to make sure my scoffs in her direction were heard by the Left and Right alike—but that doesn’t mean she’s Read more […]

We Are The New Media & We Can’t Mess Up

We have three branches of government. These three branches come together to create a full governing entity. Theoretically, having multiple strings pulling our country has a balancing effect. When one or two of the branches fall under the influence of a single political Party, the other can be used to weigh the scale in order to avoid dramatic shifts. But there is a fourth branch of government: the media. The media is the watchdog. It keeps an eye on Washington, exposing corruption, and keeping Read more […]

Romney Admits 2012 Nomination Was Stolen

The new documentary Mitt, a Netflix original, is reigniting the almost smothered controversy over the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. There were an extraordinary number of GOP insiders and caucus members who smelled a rat. The trail of electioneering evidences from state to state is staggering. Many people believed that the nomination had been stolen from its deserving recipient—Ron Paul. Now, an offhand remark in Mitt seems to confirm that suspicion. According to Romney, someone from Read more […]

Obama Guilty Of Fundamental Dishonesty & Unable To Lead Says Romney

Last Sunday, Mitt Romney appeared on Meet the Press and spoke most about President Barack Obama.  He pulled no punches in attacking Obama’s lies and deceptions, saying: “He wasn’t telling the truth.” “That fundamental dishonesty has really — has really put in peril the whole foundation of his second term.  I think it is rotting it away.” “[What] has really undermined the president’s credibility in the hearts of the American people is that he went out, as a centerpiece of his Read more […]

GOP Must “Be Careful” Opposing Hillary—If They Are RINO Establishment Pro-Hillary Hacks

I remember when war-hawk New York RINO Peter King boisterously boasted that Hillary Clinton (who he seemed to be virtually campaigning for, like a blushing young teen in the throes of a crush) would “cream” Rand Paul or Ted Cruz in a race. We have seen the same boosterism from other possible Republican 2016 candidates. As far as I can tell, the media treats their predictions of a Clinton victory against a Rand Paul or Ted Cruz presidential candidacy as they are sober and realistic calculations. But Read more […]

Conservatives Slam Ann Coulter–But Why?

Jenny Beth Martin, in an article for breitbart.com, slams Ann Coulter for her latest column. In her column, Coulter tries to make the case that it wasn’t entirely Mitt Romney’s fault that he lost. She decries the Monday morning quarterbacks on the Right who said that Romney wasn’t conservative enough, or he didn’t attack Obama enough, or that he was too centrist. Coulter then uses Ronald Reagan as a contrasting example in order to back-up her opinion. Here are several quotes from Coulter’s column: “But Read more […]

Shaming Romney for Telling the Truth

Earlier in the week, Mitt Romney committed that age-old political taboo of speaking the truth. He attributed his loss and President Obama’s victory in this election to Obama’s generosity–what some would call unofficial bribes, and what I will call simply bribes. “The Obama campaign,” said Romney, “was following the old playbook of giving a lot of stuff to groups that they hoped they could get to vote for them and be motivated to go out to the polls, specifically the African American community, Read more […]

Huffington Post Stokes Republican In-fighting

As the Republican Party tries to get up from its crushing defeat, every person in the media and blogosphere, including myself, has tried to put their spin on what exactly happened. Some have said that it was the messenger in Mitt Romney; while others have said it was the message of Conservative principles. In the end, I believe it was a combination of several things: Romney not articulating Conservative principles acutely, as well as an extraordinary media blackout of Benghazi, or anything that would Read more […]

Why You Should Vote But NOT for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard say that they are going to vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson or perhaps not vote at all.  Like so many others, I usually respond that any of those three choices is the same as casting a vote for Barack Obama.  I also tell them that thousands of Americans have sacrificed life and limb to secure their privilege to vote. Generally my words fall on deaf ears.  But if you are one of these that refuse to vote for Romney or Obama because of your principles Read more […]

Pennsylvania and Michigan Polls Suggest Romney Landslide

Pennsylvania: a state that has historically been solidly blue. Well, that might change for the first time in 24 years, as the polls show the race between Romney and Obama tightening in the keystone state. A Tribune Review poll, surveying 800 likely voters, has the race for Pennsylvania’s twenty electoral votes in a dead heat, with each candidate nabbing 47% of the vote. The common wisdom is that Pennsylvania will end up swinging toward Obama on Tuesday, but if you remember that back in 2008, Obama Read more […]

Hollywood Twits Politcize Hurricane Sandy

According to White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, “It’s not time for politics.” Well said, Carney. I would find his statement more poignant if what he was saying wasn’t just noise coming out of his mouth. This type of forked tongue is a hallmark of the Obama era. The Left says one thing, and then does another. It very much reminds me of the January 8th, 2011 shooting in Tucson. Immediately following the attack, there was an outpouring of rebukes from the Left about hateful rhetoric supposedly Read more […]