MIT Climate Scientist: “Climate Change Is A Dream Come True For Politicians”

For several years, I’ve looked at global warming the same as the “war on terror.” Each appeals to one of the two major parties, and both are criticized by the opposing party for the same reason. The war on terror was popularized under the Bush administration in the aftermath of 9/11. Liberals pounced on it and called it scaremongering and an excuse to pillage our civil liberties. Since Bush has been out of office, the war on terror has sort of fizzled in the minds of most Americans, but Read more […]

Researchers Developing a Vaccine for PTSD?

I don’t remember hearing a whole lot about PTSD until more recent conflicts. Now, it’s about all you hear when veterans are talked about in public forums. Every soldier that returns from active combat is pretty much assumed to have PTSD. It’s the explanation for rising suicide rates in the military and for the severe epidemic of low morale and depression that sweeps through every branch of the armed forces. No one thinks for a moment that maybe the fix for PTSD is a different foreign policy. Read more […]