To Liberals, A Woman Is Just A Uterus

The Liberal’s dictionary defines Misogyny as: “When a Conservative man demeans a woman.” Among the endless examples of Liberal double standards, one of the most sick is the demeaning of Conservative women. To a Liberal, a woman is not a woman if she is Conservative. If a woman is Conservative, she is a traitor, or she has been brainwashed. Given that, it becomes entirely acceptable to say despicable things about conservative women without the repercussions one might expect from bashing a Liberal Read more […]

Underage Female Students Forced To Tolerate Sexual Harassment By “Transgender” Boy

Oh, to be a high-school boy and have permission to use the girls’ locker rooms and the girls’ bathrooms and sit a mere two feet from a hot high-school chick using the toilet with only an inch of Formica separating them! But how to live out such a fantasy? The solution would make a perfect ’80s screwball comedy, perhaps starring Emilio Estevez or Matthew Broderick, who has a crush on the blonde captain of the cheerleading squad and, in order to see her naked in the locker rooms, starts attending Read more […]

Obama Campaign: Who Needs a Brain When You Have a Vagina?

Women are sex objects. Women are too stupid to worry about the economy. Women need a powerful man by the name of Guv Mint to take care of them. Women are sex objects because their number-one priority is to have as much sex as possible and avoid as many consequences thereof as possible. It’s like a fun competition of sorts for them. Women are too stupid to worry about the economy, and that’s why all of President Obama’s ads that target women make very direct appeal not to their brains and economic Read more […]