Cop Causes Pregnant Woman to Miscarry for her “Tone of Voice”

I know there’s a “war on police,” and that the poor police are always so mistreated and victimized by terroristic civilians who only harp on the very few “bad apples,” but I think saying that there are only a miniscule minority of “bad apple” cops is a slight understatement. More than likely, there is a miniscule minority of “good apple” cops. And I know that’s very politically incorrect, but sometimes the truth hurts. Sort of like how this Albany, Georgia cop hurt a pregnant Read more […]

If Chelsea Clinton Has an Abortion, Will Liberals Mourn?

You may not have heard, but Hillary Clinton is expecting a grandchild sometime this year. Her daughter Chelsea is pregnant. If you didn’t know, don’t feel bad; the media has been very hush-hush about it. “A politician’s personal life doesn’t matter,” don’t you know? I have a question: Would Hillary Clinton be sad if her daughter had a miscarriage? I doubt any average pro-abort would not be sad be if his or her daughter miscarried. But why? What is sad about losing a clump of cells that Read more […]