Police Kill Two Family Dogs in No-Knock Raid

A no-knock raid was executed on a St. Paul, Minnesota family’s house recently. The police had a search warrant for drugs and weapons. As for the probable cause, which is supposed to be the basis of a warrant, I have no idea if they had any. They claimed to have reliable information. But if all they had was hearsay from some anonymous person, that’s not good enough. These days, having adequate probable cause isn’t a concern for police. They just want to be able to “legally” raid as many Read more […]

College Campus Event with Camel Canceled, Because it Might Offend Middle Easterners

The event was a “Hump Day” celebration planned by the Residence Hall Association at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota to mark the end of the year. They were going to bring a camel on campus, hoping for a petting zoo-type atmosphere where students could pose in pictures with the humped animal. I know, it sounds like loads of fun. Leave it to some self-righteous group of students to ruin all their fun by claiming that bringing a camel on campus would not only be a waste of $500, but Read more […]