Barber Shop Customer Shoots and Kills Armed Robber

An armed robber chose the wrong barber shop! This happened in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where gun rights Sheriff David Clarke encourages citizens there to carry concealed for cases just like this. The Daily Caller reported: A would-be armed robber who stuck up a Milwaukee barber shop on Friday received more than a haircut when an armed patron pulled out his own gun and fatally shot the criminal. “He asked some questions about how much a haircut costs, then went into the bathroom to put his mask Read more […]

Black Gang Murders 5-Year-Old White Girl; National Media Silent

In a mostly black neighborhood in Milwaukee, a black gang targeted a white household in a drive-by shooting and ended up murdering a white 5-year-old girl named Laylah Petersen who was sitting on her grandpa’s lap. And of course, because of the racial circumstances being black-on-white, the national media largely ignored it. In fact, in the local media reporting of the incident, they claimed that the little girl was shot by a “stray bullet.” Uh-huh. According to Top Conservative News: Two Read more […]

Milwaukee’s Anonymous “Gun Hotline” Lets People Snitch on Their Gun-Owning Neighbors

Milwaukee’s Mayor thinks this will help combat “gun violence.” If you suspect someone to be illegally in possession of a gun, you can call this gun hotline and report that person anonymously so that the police will come to that person’s house and harass him. As Fox 6 Now reported: Taking aim at gun violence. The more than 200 shootings in the city of Milwaukee so far this year have prompted Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to form another program in an effort to put an end to the gun violence. Read more […]

Cop Runs Stop Sign and Causes Accident; Arrests Sober Victim for DUI

This is classic. A Milwaukee, Wisconsin cop was on patrol one night at an airport, ran a stop sign and t-boned another driver Tanya Weyker, breaking her neck in four different places and then had the audacity to arrest her for DUI, even though she was perfectly sober. Weyker had been diagnosed with cancer as a three-year-old and had undergone radiation treatments that left her spine deformed and requiring metal rods to straighten it out. Immediately after the accident, she was treated as a Read more […]

Police Chief Opposes Second Amendment; Gets Tank For His “Troops”

Another blog is reporting that the Milwaukee Police Department has purchased an armored tank to use to patrol the city. “This is something you see in a monster truck show,a third world country or the old rural Michigan wastelands I grew up in as a kid.  But seriously what is this used for?  Besides intimidation, the upcoming food riots  or the arrest of bloggers like myself, I can’t really pin point many uses.  It’s not economical to chase speeders and write tickets in a tank,  and I’m Read more […]