Why Are Millennials Losing Their Religion?

A new Pew Research poll indicates that American Millennials are losing trust in the positive impact of churches on society: Younger generations tend to have more-positive views than their elders of a number of institutions that play a big part in American society. But for some institutions – such as churches and the news media – Millennials’ opinions have become markedly more negative in the past five years. Since 2010, Millennials’ rating of churches and other religious organizations Read more […]

The Emperor’s New News and Why Millennials Love Jon Stewart

Millennials love Jon Stewart, and sometimes it’s hard for the Fox-News-loyal parents and grandparents of Millennials to understand the appeal. First, Jon Stewart would not exist if CNN and Fox News didn’t exist. It is only because of their particularly hard-lined, agenda-framed, news-menu approach that Jon Stewart has any material—and any audience. The thing is, Fox News and CNN are both jokes. The problem is they don’t realize it. And neither does their audience. But aside from this Read more […]

Are Millennials Really All That Uninformed About Government?

In a recent poll, 77% of millennials were unable to name one of the elected Senators from their state. At the same time, the vast majority of them, about the same number actually, said they planned to vote for the next president: More than three-quarters [of] millennials say they are at least “very likely” to vote in the 2016 presidential election, a level of enthusiasm that has the potential to dwarf previous turnouts from young people in past elections. In all, 77 percent 18 to 34-year-olds Read more […]

Why the Politicization of Racism will Kill Racism

Racism has become a political tool. Race-baiting is in fact the major method leftists use to get “the black vote,” but it is also one of the major means by which so-called conservatives motivate their mostly white base. It’s us versus them. But one rarely mentioned consequence of the politicization of racism is that it has inoculated the anti-political from racism. If you look at the statistics on racism, you’ll note that millennials are much less prone to racism than previous generations: . Read more […]

Millennials Not Buying Homes

Since they began keeping records, home ownership has never been lower among Americans younger than thirty-five. Which means that millennials are investing less and less in property. Why is this? You probably already knew that millennials are more likely than any other older generation to live with their parents. But it might be that they live with their parents because they can’t afford houses, not that they choose not to buy a house simply because they are satisfied mooching off of their parents. Another Read more […]

Many Millennials Claim to be Socialist … But Don’t Know What that Means

When I appropriate a label for myself, I generally attempt to know what it means first. Not so, with most Millennials. According to a recent poll, almost half of Millennials claim to be socialist, but very few of them can give an accurate description of just what being a socialist means: Forty-two percent say they prefer socialism as a means of organizing society but only 16% can define the term properly as government ownership of the means of production. In fact, when asked whether they want an Read more […]

Abortion Comedy To Be Released Soon

“This is a debate about our understanding of human dignity, what it means to be a member of the human family, even though tiny, powerless and unwanted.” – Henry Hyde I recently attended a pro-life event, in which a panel of several people, each one of whom represented different avenues of the pro-life movement, discussed abortion. There were representatives for the scientific argument, the faith argument, the legal argument, and the political argument. Alison Howard, the communications director Read more […]

Poll Shows Majority of Young People Don’t Want Obamacare

Obama recently remarked in a speech that “100 million Americans have gained the right for free…contraception.” So, you’d think all the young people would be completely sold on the (not so) Affordable Care Act. But a poll conducted by Harvard showed that youths just aren’t buying it: The Harvard “Millennials” poll found only 22 percent of young Americans — defined in the survey as between 18 and 29 years old — plan to sign up for ObamaCare. Even more troubling for the administration, Read more […]

Teenagers Abandoning Facebook in Droves

Facebook’s recent financial numbers don’t look that great. Apparently, the social media giant is going the way of MySpace and AOL chatrooms. They are failing to maintain the attention of Generation Z (that may or may not stand for “Zombie,” btw). Apparently the younger generation is far more concerned about privacy and real connections—they are currently popularizing private message services like WhatsApp and WeChat. A recent article in The Guardian hypothesizes on why this may be the Read more […]

Millennials are Self-Centered Know-It-Alls, but You Knew that Already

A fairly recent article in Time and a bunch of other follow-ups all tell us the obvious: Millennials are not only generally helpless and incompetent, we are also more full of ourselves than an Ouroboros. Two statistics should suffice to sketch the dismal picture: Millennials (ages 18–30) are far more likely than members of previous generations to be unemployed and living with their parents. More than a third are living at home. Which is pretty sad. Millennials are also far more likely to Read more […]

Obama Losing Support Among Major Group of Supporters

Obviously too little too late, a post-election poll reveals that one of President Barack Obama’s stronger support base is already eroding and may actually cast further doubt on the legitimacy of his re-election. There were six basic groups of people that were responsible for Obama’s re-election: blacks, Hispanics, women, young adults 18-29, stupid, and those responsible for voter fraud and intimidation.  Among those groups, there has been a drastic decrease in Obama support. Young adults Read more […]