Louisiana Milk Consumer Learns About American Price Commissars (Corrected)

There are people in this country who still think that we live in a nation that recognizes the right of consenting adults to buy and trade freely in legal products. (We all know there are illegal products that are prohibited, and call down SWAT teams on people—like raw milk and other dangerous substances—but I’m only talking about legal products). Kenneth Daigle was one of those people. He thought that, if a grocery store wanted to get milk off their shelves, and he was trying to save money, Read more […]

Federal Government Won’t Allow Dairy Farmer To Sell Milk Cheaper

Have you ever wondered why you’re paying $3-$4 for a gallon of milk?  What if I told you that the federal government had passed a law establishing the minimum price dairy farmers can sell their milk to wholesalers?  It’s true. In 2006 Congress passed a law that that establishes fixed minimum prices for the sale of raw milk from dairies.  Dairy farmers Hein and Hettinga of Arizona believe the law was pushed through Congress by those trying to force them to sell their milk at the same prices Read more […]