Using “Jesus Ate with Prostitutes” Argument to Shame Supporters of Religious Freedom

“Jesus regularly ate dinner with thieves and prostitutes, but you’re telling me it’s against your religion to bake a cake for a gay person?” I’ve seen this meme all over Facebook recently due in large part to the state of Indiana passing a “Religious Freedom Restoration” law. There are numerous other states that have similar laws on the books, but Indiana’s seems to be getting incredible scrutiny. I’ve seen and heard the ubiquitous words “bigoted,” “backwards,” and “anti-gay” thrown around frequently Read more […]

Will Republicans Save Military Chaplains From Court Martials?

On September 30, 2011, the Pentagon issued a directive to all military chaplains to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies and to make military chapels available for any such private ceremonies. In response to the Pentagon directive, the Catholic Archdiocese for Military Service issued a statement that no Catholic chaplains serving in the military will perform or participate in any same-sex marriage ceremonies at any military chapels.  In conjunction with the Catholic response, members of the Read more […]