Obama Administration Ignores Show-Law; Arms Muslim Brotherhood

Awhile back a lot of Americans, perhaps especially those who tended to identify as libertarian and/or conservative, got really fed up with the US Government backing the governments of people who hate us. I more or less agreed with this sentiment—though I thought some people were forgetting to consider that people in other countries might hate us because we fund “their” governments that mistreat and exploit them. Congress actually passed a law that said a country must meet certain “standards” Read more […]

Obama Commits Treason By Arming Egypt’s Anti-American Dictatorship

Why would a US president continue to push to give billions of dollars in aid and to supply arms to a nation whose regime has declared that America and its ally Israel are mortal enemies that should be destroyed?  And why would that same president who wants to arm our enemies want to disarm American citizens? Obama helped the Muslim Brotherhood, a known militant and radical Islamic group, to overthrow the government of Egypt.  He supported the election of Morsi as Egypt’s new president, even Read more […]